There are hundreds of social media tools on the market, a lot of them I have not even tried yet, but I am working on changing that! These tools help you simplify social media marketing management. The right tools can make all the difference. In this article, we look at ten of the top social media tools that marketers can use to simplify day-to-day tasks.



As the name suggests, Smartmockups helps you create product screenshots with just a few clicks. And the best thing, it’s free! This is the easiest way to create stunning product screenshots without using a professional image editing tool like Photoshop. Smartmockups has more than 300 premium digital, print and screen mockups to select from. You can also change the background color or add beautiful background gradients in addition to a host of other features.



Listomatic automatically helps you create and manage Twitter lists. It is more effective than managing lists within Twitter because lists are used to organize your feed into groups of users who have things in common like social media, technology or humor.

TinyPNG is a free tool that makes use of smart lossy compression techniques to reduce size of your PNG image files. This is achieved by selectively reducing the number of image colors, thus, fewer bytes are needed to store the data. The effect is nearly undetectable but the difference in file size is huge. TinyPNG is a great tool to shrink images for your social media pages, websites and apps. Your applications use less bandwidth and hence load faster, which results in better user experience.


Spark Post

This is a free iOS app by Adobe. It is a great time saving device that helps you create high quality graphics from your mobile device. It is easy to get started with using their  professionally designed templates which you can make your own with a few quick customizations. You can also convert text or a photo into a professional looking graphic simply by applying a theme. This is in addition to numerous other features. No design experience is necessary to use Spark Post.



A while back, Twitter took share counts away. NewShareCounts brings them back and it’s free. Show the Twitter share count on your websites easily; the setup is very easy and requires no coding. The application allows you to track up to 1000 websites by simply adding them to your account. You can even track competitors websites.



Anchor’s slogan is “Radio by the People”. This aptly describes this audio social network. is available on both the Android Play Store and iTunes. Any voice can join the conversation. With Anchor, you can easily broadcast short audio clips to a global audience in a matter of seconds. Listeners can respond instantly, sparking group conversations. This is something that hasn’t been possible before. When you aren’t broadcasting, you can listen to debate, inspiration, humor and knowledge from people all over the world.



If you write a lot of emails, then the Boomerang plugin for Gmail is your new best friend. You can schedule emails to be sent at anytime. With Boomerang, you can write an email now and schedule it to be sent automatically at the perfect time. Boomerang is the perfect tool to make people think you get up early to write emails and also to sleep on things you’re not sure about. The free version allows you to send ten messages per month. After that, pricing begins at $4.99/Month for unlimited message credits.



Do you find it difficult to source free high resolution images for your social media pages and blog posts? Well, this is a challenge that every marketer faces. Unsplash is a site where you can obtain free high res images. All images come with a creative commons license and they have a massive database of images. Every ten days, they add ten new high res photos to their collections. Collections are categorized to make it easy to search.


Music for Makers

In much the same way as free high quality high res images are difficult to find, sourcing good quality copyright and royalty free music for use in marketing videos and podcasts can be a real headache. Music for Makers is a new resource that unshackles you from stock music license restrictions or fees. Once you subscribe via email, you get one royalty-free song by email every week for free, and use it however you want included for commercial projects.




If you use SnapChat a great deal for social media marketing, you definitely want to get hold of GhostCodes. GhostCodes claims to be the biggest directory of SnapChat users. It is sometimes hard to find interesting people to follow on SnapChat. GhostCodes makes it easy. It is available free as an iOS and Android app.



Social media are constantly evolving. Everyday, new tools and methods come onto the scene to help us with our social media marketing efforts. These ten tools are designed to help manage the day-to-day tasks that most social marketers face.