As you are already well aware, I am a smartphone snob. A phone has to be of a certain caliber with specs that blow my mind for me to even consider carrying it or talking about it. And as you are aware, for the past few months I have been waiting on my new home to be ready. THE JOURNEY IS ALMOST OVER!! But I am trying not to lose my mind!! It’s a very busy, very stressful time. And on top of that, I was sick for a week or so, so moving slowly and behind on some things. Now that I’m playing catchup I am constantly on the move! So, I was excited to be asked to check out the new Coolpad Conjr Smartphone for review. It’s a beast.0

You may not have heard of Coolpad, but they have been making smartphones for quite a while. They’ve been on the market since 2012, and they were recently bought by our friends at LeEco. One of these phones is the new Coolpad Conjr. It’s a fully packed dual-sim Android smartphone that is unlocked to work on the GSM carrier of your choice (currently T-Mobile or AT&T in the US).

First, let’s talk a bit about the specs…

The Coolpad Conjr Unlocked Smartphone is Quite Impressive!


  • 13MP Rear Camera + 8 MP FFC w/ Flash (fun age recognition, pro/night mode)
  • Multi-finger unlock/quick access to different apps
  • 3 GB RAM+ 16 GB + MicroSD up to 64 GB
  • Android 6.0 + Cool UI 8.0
  • Quad core 1Ghz chip Fingerprint Sensor 720p Display
  • Elegant 2.5 D curved Glass design

A great smartphone has to allow me to get work done while on the go. Does that sound strange to you? Working from my phone? Well, I do it all the time. And my smartphone helps me out. The specs on the Conjr allow me to multi-task and get things done.

Here are a few of my favorite things.

Outstanding 13MP Camera

Gone are the days when I carry my huge DSLR camera everywhere.  The camera on the Coolpad Conjr is a stunning 13MP. I am constantly using my smartphone to take photos while out of items in stores that I may want to buy. I take photos of the item and the price tag so that I remember which store it was in. This has come in handy a few times because I was able to just send a snapshot of what I wanted directly to my builder. And of course, on our various walkthroughs, I was able to take photos of things that I had questions about.

Loads of RAM

Just like a computer, the amount of RAM in your smartphone dictates just how many programs, or in this case apps, you can run at one time… and how efficiently they run. With 3GB of RAM in the Coolpad Conjr I’m able to flip back and forth between my Gmail – where my builder often sends things that he wants me to take a look at and respond to, Evernote – where I have many, many, MANY clips, notes, and ideas saved for home stuff, Pinterest – where I have tons of home design boards, and my text messages where my builder has gotten into the habit of sending me teaser pics from my house! 🙂


Fingerprint Sensor

In a pretty genius design, the fingerprint scanner on the Conjr is on the back of the device where your index finger sits naturally when you hold your phone. I love this! On my other smartphone depending on how I’m holding it, it can be very awkward to get a good thumb connection when holding the phone with one hand.

And even more genius is the ability to save more than one finger! This is also great because I have noticed that sometimes when I wash my hands, put on lotion or even when my hands are cold I have a problem with my fingerprint sensor. Having more than one finger saved can prevent this problem.


Now I can quickly unlock my phone when I need to without fumbling around when I need to record important info, make a call, or send a text.

Not only is the Coolpad Conjr equipped to keep me sane during this busy time, it is equipped to keep me happy once the madness is over and it is times to relax! The Conjr comes with not 1, but 2 SIM slots. This means when traveling (because I love the beach), I would be able to keep my existing phone activated + add an International SIM to save on making phone calls.

The interface (GUI) takes a bit of getting used to. But, after a bit it is not bad at all. It runs Android 6.0 so it’s the latest and greatest OS.


The Coolpad Conjr is available from for only $179.99. Be sure to check and make sure that it will work with your carrier before purchase. Check out the Coolpad Facebook Page or the Coolpad Instagram Page for more information.