I enjoy making new friends at events. How? I always have one or two portable chargers in my purse or backpack. I carry one every single day! I’m already known as the gadget girl, so people always expect me to have such gadgets in my bag anyway. 🙂 The below guest post gives us more info about portable battery chargers.


Everyone has had to deal with a dead phone battery at one point or another. The worst part of the whole ordeal is that it comes at such an inopportune time. You could find you are now lost in an unknown neighborhood or put to the mercy of having to rely on something other than your phone. This feeling is something the majority of people want to avoid as we have been stuck and glued to our phones for help.

Battery Chargers to the Rescue

And there are others among us who realized this sinking feeling of not being able to rely on their phones. So they created powerful portable batteries that can charge your phone on the go. That blank screen will no longer threaten you on the ride home.

There are a couple great portable chargers out there that we’ve found can be used to help you stay on the juice all day. A Flux Portable Charger comes in at the first selection. It is one of the slimmer chargers and it costs only $30.

There are two built in cables and the time to fully charge a device varies between three to four hours. It also comes equipped with a Micro USB cable and Lightning cable. It also includes an LED display so you know for sure when it’s charging and how charged your device is.

Another great portable charger choice is the is a RAVPower Portable External Battery Charger. Prices on these start at only $14.99 and some include three different outputs. These are two USB ports and supports quick charge technology. It takes four to six hours to charge up to a couple phones at once. The portability and varying ports offer a great source for multiple charge sources.


Inherent Phone Charge

There are some phones out there that simply have larger batteries.  With the large selection of smartphone out there, you may confused where to turn your attention and when it’s time to buy a new phone.

In terms of long battery life, a Sony Xperia smartphone is one to look at. This phone has a battery that is going to keep you going when you really need it. It is groundbreaking, as it has been proven to last at least twice as long as other competitor’s phones. Not having to be charged all the time also saves on the wear and tear of the battery, which means a longer overall battery life.

Armed with a good phone and set of battery chargers, you will never have to worry about your phone dying out again. If in the event you ever forget to charge your phone then you can rest assured you won’t fall into any trappings of being without your phone. The double battery threat of an external charger and internal powerhouse will keep you charged at all times.


Hayden Robinson is a photographer and all round techy guy. He writes about photography and tech in his articles which are published on specialist blogs, tech and geek blogs and more.