This is the post that I mentioned in In The Blink of an Eye My Mother Was Gone. Although the circumstances by which I have to move the boxes have changed, the chaos still applies, actually even more so now. I am editing the post to fit.

We moved into our new home on February 18th. I am never moving again. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart and my aching body! As you can see, I have been pretty much MIA for the past couple of months! Moving will do that to you. If you are the type who can move everything in one day and have all of your boxes unpacked, and your home organized in one week, I secretly hate you. Ok… I envy you. But, it is not working out that way for me. I was in my last home for over 10 years. I have 4 children. We have a lot of stuff. I had belongings stored in 3 different storage units. We had to merge 2 households. We had to move all of the stuff that was at my mother-in-laws where we lived while waiting on our home. This all took a solid 2 days of moving.

This all means… BOXES. And lots of them.

Luckily we had great help. Shoutout to hubby, Greg, Al, and Chad for their muscle power.

Now that all of the boxes are actually in the house (and garage), the real fun is just beginning… unpacking… And let me tell you, this is hard to do when you have to go to work, and still do other stuff in your life. It is going slowly. Two months later, we still have some packed boxes. It is going oh so slowly!

And as you know, my mother was literally in the middle of moving when she passed. In my spare time (that I did not have) I would pop over to her house to take empty boxes as we unpacked them. And I helped with packing and moving boxes around. It was also slow going. She had been in that building for 30 years. She was not moving far, just one block down the street. But, she was moving into a much smaller place, so the plan was to get rid of a ton of stuff, and move a lot to storage. But, as we know… it did not work out that way. When she passed the movers had loaded half of her stuff on the truck. When tragedy struck, they could not just leave it there, so they unloaded it all at her new place. This means that it was now my responsibility to get all of the stuff out of her old apartment, and her new apartment.

My husband and I handled the new apartment this past weekend. We moved everything to a storage unit near our home. And remember that couch? Yeah, we left it there. We had no choice. There was no way the 2 of us could have moved it down the stairs.

The process is not over though. We still have to deal with the old apartment. This will be both time consuming and emotional. Everything in her new place is in boxes. However, at the old place there are boxes and there is still quite a bit of stuff that needs to be packed or discarded. I had hoped to be done with this part of the process by now, for my own sanity, however I had to postpone my plans, because….

My mother-in-law has been in an unexpected moving frenzy too. She found out that she would have to move at the beginning of March. She had until April 2nd to move. So, you guessed it!! They needed BOXES… and help! We had plenty of boxes at home, but she thought that some of them were too large for her use. I got lucky during spring break and I was able to save a ton of smaller boxes from the lab deliveries in my building. Yes… even though I had a house full of boxes I had to save more!


The weekend after my mom passed I distracted myself by helping move all of my mother-in-law’s stuff into storage. The plan was for her to stay with her friend for a while, but only 2 short weeks later we got a text that she had found a place, signed a lease, and was moving on Saturday. So, we spent that Saturday moving almost everything that we just put in storage 2 weeks earlier into her new apartment. It was an all day, exhausting task.

OMG!!! I am so sick of moving and boxes!!!

And as already mentioned it is not over. Although this past Friday was my birthday I spent most of the weekend moving my mom’s stuff to storage until I feel up to sorting through it. The ironic thing is that we just got rid of 2 storage units when we moved, but I had to book another to store her belongings. The fact that mostly everything is in boxes is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because it was easily moved. It’s a curse because I cannot easily see what’s there. Each box will have to be opened, and sorted through just in case there are some hidden gems or important stuff somewhere.

Because of selling my old house, and basically moving twice I feel like I have been in a constant state of moving and living out of boxes for the past 6+ months. When will we be able to decorate and enjoy our home? When will be able to relax and sit at home without thoughts of BOXES in the back of our mind?? We are both thinking about a nice vacation later in the year once things calm down. Lord knows I will need it. Heck, lord knows my body will need it!

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