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Let’s talk about wine! For some it’s a necessary thing to destress at the end of a busy week, or a busy day! Life can get hard, stressful… downright tough! Imagine relaxing at the end of the day in a candlelit bath, with a glass of your favorite wine. This would of course be after the kids go to bed. You do not want any interruptions.

I have a good friend who brings a bottle of wine every time she comes to visit. She’s a member of a popular wine club nearby, so she has bottles to spare. And I appreciate her!

Now, even though I do enjoy drinking wine, I am by no means a wine connoisseur like she is. I just have a general idea of what I like. I prefer white wines. I like Moscato, Riesling, and Chardonnay. I am not a fan of most red wines, they tend to give me a headache. Although, I do like some of the Raspberry varieties. Yum!

When my friend came over the other day with a new bottle, I suggested that we first finish the bottle that I had in the fridge. Confession: I do not remember when I opened it! Yes, it may have been old. I poured some into our glasses. She took one sip and made a strange face. LOL! She was right, t it tasted funny! Needless to say, I poured all of that out and cracked open the new bottle. 🙂

The bottle that I pulled out of the fridge was not properly stored. However, there are ways to fix that! There are tricks that you can use, and products on the market made specifically to preserve wine.

Here are 5 tips to Using or Preserving an Open Bottle of Wine

Put the Cork Back in the Bottle and Put it in the Fridge

This is not the best method though. It will help it last for a couple more days, but there is still air in the bottle that will start to degrade the wine.

Drink it All in One Sitting!

This is not as bad as it sounds. I’m not suggesting that you drink it all by yourself. Well, maybe I am. Did you know that one bottle of wine is only equal to approximately 5 glasses of wine at 5oz each? So, if you have a really big wine glass you can handle that in a 2-3 glasses. 😉 Ok, drink responsibly and invite a friend to help you.

Cook With It

Have you ever had a really delicious pasta sauce made with red wine?? I’m sure you know that the alcohol cooks off, leaving a rich aromatic flavor in the sauce. There are many great recipes out there for wine pasta sauce.

Use it to Dye Fabric

Did you know that you can use red wine to dye fabric? This is awesome for varieties that you may have received as gifts, but do not necessarily tickle your taste buds. There are a few sites out there with great instructions. I have not personally tried it yet, but I’m thinking I will. I have a couple of white tees that I love! But they have started to look not so white. Dying them a nice wine shade would allow me to wear them again!

Find a High Tech Wine Preserver Thingy (Do you love my technical term)?

I’ve been very curious about these over the years and I think that I will get one. The zzysh® is a fancy, revolutionary wine and sparkling wine preserving system that keeps a bottle’s natural taste after it is opened. Using this method wine can last for weeks, not just days The unique technology replaces the air in the wine bottle or pressurizes it, if it’s sparkling wine. This with a highly pure protective atmosphere consisting of argon for wine or a mixture of argon and carbon dioxide for sparkling wine. In combination with the stopper, this works to protect the wine and sparkling wine from oxidation, ensuring flavor, taste, fizz and color are all retained. Since I’m not a big wine drinker I definitely think I am going to invest in a zzysh® system for my wine. That means that I can open it, drink one glass and not have to worry about my friend giving me dirty looks when she comes over and tastes my wine. 🙂 At only $69.90 for the starter kit, it is totally worth it. Right now, you can get 20% off by using code “getyourzzysh” when ordering from the zzysh website.

What are some of your favorite things to do with wine?

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by zzysh®. All opinions are my own.