I’m VERY late posting this. It has been a very busy summer! But now it’s time…. school has started! My girls are officially in high school. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!! It was enough getting used to being the mother of teenagers, and now I’m the mother of highschoolers! And the boys are entering 6th grade. Time flies! It seems like just yesterday that they were in preschool! If you have babies cherish every little thing, because before you know it they will be taller than you with huge feet. 🙂

Twins first day of high school_littletechgirl

As a mother, nothing makes you feel better than seeing your kids happy and successful. We were blessed with really good, really smart kids. They have always been that way. And I am proud! I have bragged before about my kids being Straight A students. They have kept it up so far.

For the past several years they have participated in a program that I have mentioned before, The Chicago Pre-College Science and Engineering Program (Chi&Se). In the program, they learn a range of skills that will prepare them for the workforce should they choose to go into a relevant field. Of course my kids being who they are…. my kids…. already have a knack for computers and related things. I mean, shouldn’t they? They took to the Chi&Se program right away, and have done very well.

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A few months back, CBS Chicago launched a new segment, Positively Chicago, and thanks to some of the folks behind the Chi&Se program, they chose to feature my girls as the very first segment! We chatted with Jim Williams about their grades, how they feel about being young Black “women” discovering their identities, and more! I admit that while I was on the sidelines watching them talk, I got teary eyed!

If you have not seen it already on my Facebook page, have a look below.

The above is an excerpt that was posted to Facebook. Below is the full segment.


Can you believe it? I am SO proud of them!! And I keep thinking about how proud my mother would be. She was a bit worried about them switching schools due to the logistics, etc. even though I commuted to the same school on mostly on my own for 4 years. For now, we are taking turns driving them.

They are now attending Whitney Young, not only it is consistently among the top high schools in the country, it is my alma mater! And it’s where I met my husband.

Besides me (ha ha) tons of famous folks attended Whitney Young. The most notable being Michelle Obama, who graduated in 1981.

I have no doubt in my mind that my girls will be successful and maybe even follow in the footsteps of some of the famous folks that came out of such an awesome school.

Here’s wishing my girls a VERY successful 4 years of high school!