I have a problem. A problem that may need help. I am addicted to shopping on Amazon! Seriously there are times when I place 1-2 orders a week. I have been a customer since 2001.

And now my teenage girls have caught my Amazon addiction. I am proud of them. They caught an early savings bug and learned how to earn Amazon gift cards with shopping apps. With my help, they have been ordering little tidbits here and there for a while using those, and gift cards that they receive as gifts. But now? Their shopping experience will be made even better with a new way for teens ages 13-17 to shop by having their own Amazon login. They’ll reap the benefits of being an independent Amazon shopper, but with the ability for me to set spending limits or approve (or decline) their orders.

Amazon Teen Shopping


When talking to my daughters and telling them that they had $100 to split and spend, one proclaimed, “Oh! I already have stuff in my shopping cart.” The other needed to think about it a bit more. And they are both very excited about having access to Prime Video. My daughter said, “That means I can watch Doctor Who?” I just love my kids!


Benefits for parents include:

  • Know exactly what they buy: When you teens place an order, you will receive an email or text message with order details which you can approve with a quick text reply.
  • Maintain your privacy: All of your purchases are separate and private, so you keep gifts a surprise.
  • Grow their independence: You get to choose what credit card they can use for purchases, and where they can ship.
  • Share Prime: If you have Prime, they’ll get access to select benefits at no additional cost.


Benefits for teens include:

  • Prime Shipping: Free 2-Day Shipping with Prime
  • Prime Video: Teens get Unlimited access to tens of thousands of movies and TV shows
  • Twitch Prime: In-game loot on Twitch and 20 percent off most pre-release boxed games



When setting up the login, you have the ability to set spending limits, enable parental controls for Prime Video, view recent orders, send a gift card, and edit account details. I am loving the send a gift card feature! I can see myself using this all the time for special occasions such as birthdays.


How It Works

Creating a teen login is pretty easy. You or your teen can visit amazon.com/forteens. Teens can then send a special link to their parents which lets them know that they want to create a login. Or, parents can login directly and create the login which then sends their teen an invitation link. Teens then install the Amazon App to start shopping.

Amazon Teen Shopping


When your teen places an order, there is a field that allows them to add a note stating why they want the item. The parent then gets a text and/or email that includes a screenshot notifying you that your teen has placed an order.

Amazon Teen Shopping


The parent can then reply to the text with Y (yes) to approve the order, or click the included link to review.

Amazon Teen Shopping


As your teens gain more responsibility, you may choose to skip the approval process and allow them to shop with all orders being automatically approved. Or, you may choose to have all orders approved based on a set spending limit. And, of course, you can continue to manually approve all orders.

Check here to view a video for more details on how it works.

I personally think that this is great! Especially for teen girls who all of a sudden love to shop! My daughter purchased typical girly stuff – hair products, nail art, and lip gloss. 🙂 Her sister has an ongoing shopping cart that she is working to finish. LOL!


If you have teens that you want to give more responsibility, and the ability to shop, head on over to amazon.com/forteens to get started.



Disclosure:  This post is brought to you by Amazon and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own.