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You already know that I’m a computer snob! I have to be. I am a true multi-tasker. I edit photos and videos on a regular basis, and I usually have like 20 browser tabs open, a word processor, and a movie… all going at the same time. The way that I work and play means that I need a powerful computer. And as a tech geek,  I have been doing this long enough to know what goes into a good machine. There are several things that make your laptop a worthwhile partner in your computing relationship! Yes, I call it a relationship, because if your computer is not up to the task, you won’t get much done! The most important items are the processor, memory, hard drive, and graphics adapter.  Along with other items these things work together to bring your computer to life, and help you complete your tasks.


What is a Processor?

Let’s talk about processors. Do you know what a processor is? Do you know the purpose that it serves in your computer? Do you know how having a slow processor can affect your computer and your ability to get stuff done?

The processor is the brains of your computer. The technical name is the central processing unit (CPU). It is the part of the computer that’s responsible for interpreting and executing commands from the computer’s other hardware and software. That means that it carries out the instructions of a computer program by performing the operations specified by the instructions.

I have told you before that I used to build computers. And when I did, I very often used Intel processors. They have been in the game for a long, long time. And their processors rock! As technology improves, Intel improves their processors. They are constantly getting smaller, faster, and more powerful.


Why Do You Need an Intel 8th Gen Core Processor?

It’s the holidays, and let’s face it… gadgets are tops of most holiday shopping lists now. Whether it be a new PC game, a drone, a new camera, or a new laptop, I would bet most have at least one gadget on their holiday wish list. A lot of those gadgets interface with a computer. Having a fast, reliable computer means that when it’s time to copy photos from your new camera or drone, there will be no lag. The Intel 8th Gen Core Processor packs the power to help you get the most out of those new tech gadgets.

Yoga 920 with Intel 8th Gen Core Processor

Here Are a Few Items that Make Great Gifts to Utilize Your New Processor

Lenovo Yoga 920 Laptop

Let’s start from the start, shall we? As mentioned, you are not going to get much done with an old, slow computer! The Lenovo Yoga 920 is powered by the Intel 8th Gen Core Processor. Available with up to 16GB of RAM and a 1tb hard drive, it is the perfect laptop for work and play. It is available in 2 awesome colors – platinum silver and bronze. Let me tell you… I have a previous version, the Yoga 900 and I LOVE IT!! And of course it’s also a great machine for working. My girls are in high school now and it seems like they are constantly researching, writing papers, and printing. They each need their own computer. Sharing does not work out when everyone has to work at the same time. If your household is the same, consider adding another computer, and make sure it’s the good one!  You cannot go wrong. Having the Lenovo Yoga 920 would have power to work with all of the suggestions below.

LittleTechGirl with the Yoga 900


GoPro Hero6

I have an older GoPro. I believe it’s a 3. And I love it! We have taken it on vacation a couple of times and actually used it in the ocean with the available Dive Housing. There are also mounts available so that you can use it while biking, skating, or even skydiving. This is the perfect gift for someone who is active and participates in a lot of outdoor activities.


A Drone

My son just asked for a drone. We have tried a couple of cheaper ones, but all we did was crash it into the ceiling of the house since it was not really made for outdoors. But, now that all of the kids are older I am thinking about getting a real one. I have seen some of the images captured by a friend’s drone and I was very impressed. I could see using it for vacations, park and beach outings, or just shooting some video in the neighborhood. I will have to do a little more research to find the perfect one. Any suggestions?


PC Games

At only 11, my boys are big gamers. And over the past year or so they have started playing games a lot more on their PCs than on the XBox or Playstation. I was pretty surprised, but it seems to be what they prefer now. If your kids are the same you can get gift cards, download codes, or packed boxes of some of the most popular games as long as you know they have a laptop that can handle it. There is nothing worse than trying to play a game and getting lag, and grainy or broken pixels.


Whether you are getting gifts to help your loved ones have fun, work, or do school work having power is important! A great laptop, like the Lenovo Yoga 920, powered by the Intel 8th Gen Core Processor will get it all done.

What gadgets are you shopping for this year?


Lenovo Yoga 920 Powered by Intel 8th Gen Core Processor


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