Although we may still have land-lines in our home, how many of us still use them? Most of us now stick to using our mobile phone. The need for the old-fashioned communication device invented by Alexander Graham Bell (unless you believe the controversy) seems so yesterday. For those who still have landlines, you have likely noticed that despite being on the federal government’s Do Not Call list, the number of robot telemarketing calls has increased, and those behind these annoying calls also bother you on your mobile devices. This is only one of the annoyances of unwanted solicitations that may plague us on our mobile phones.

Luckily, with the changes in technology comes way to help with some of this. Below are 5 problems, and how to help them.

Unwanted Advertisements

You just had dinner at your favorite restaurant. You pay the bill, tip the server, and head home. Your phone beeps that you have a text message, but you do not look at it because you’re driving. When you arrive home safely, you check your phone, and it’s the restaurant advertising tomorrow night’s special. Wait a minute… did you give it permission to text you?

You look at your spouse perplexed and she reminds you that you signed up for the restaurant’s “club” to get a discount on your meal. Yes, you inadvertently did give it permission to text you. In many cases, you can go online and deselect a text messaging option, but advertisers have found a new way to tout their product, and it is via text messaging. If you can’t opt out, you can block the number if it becomes too much.

You may also notice pop up ads in the notifications on your phone. These are usually caused by downloading a free app that is supported by ads. The best way to get rid of these is to uninstall the offending app. Periodically go through your phone and uninstall apps that you may have downloaded, but no longer use.


Unknown Phone Calls

Another annoyance is getting text messages from creepy people you don’t know. Polite and, for lack of a better word, normal people will accept your reply that they have the wrong number and never bother you again. Creepy people have found a new way to bully, and that is via SMS. This is not only distressing it can also be expensive if you don’t have an unlimited text plan. This happened to me not too long ago. When my mother passed I called the number in her phone book for an old friend. I did not get an answer, but only the generic “I did not setup my voicemail yet” recording, so I sent a text. The text said something like, “I am looking for _____. If this is no longer his number, please just let me know and I will mark it off my list.” Instead of responding the person called me. I responded, told them again that I must have the wrong number. This number called me REPEATEDLY over the next few weeks. Eventually, I had to get a bit nasty. Then I blocked the number.

Occasionally, I also gets texts from people that clearly have the wrong number. While most modern mobile phones have call blocking built-in, there are many text message blocking apps that may provide more features. The nice thing about these apps is they work just as your robot call blocker does. The technology behind the apps is designed to understand that a text message is coming from an advertiser or robot text messenger, and the best apps also allow you to enter the phone numbers of people you don’t want to hear from, such as…


Calls or Texts from Your Ex

I do not have this problem, but some do… it is over and it has been over for months, but your ex is hanging on. He will not let you go, even though you made it clear that there was no chance of reconciliation after the break-up. Some people cannot take no for an answer, and the continual texts are not only as creepy as the creeper you just blocked, but also getting on your new significant other’s nerves.

If a fair amount of warnings and “please stop texting me” hasn’t done the trick, block the phone number. You will never receive a text message from your ex again, which will help you build the warm and loving relationship with your new love. And I watch a LOT of ID Channel, so If you believe your ex might harm you or someone you love, contact the police immediately. You need to go beyond a blocking app in this case.


Contact From Marketers

As with advertisers, marketers also love to call you and may even send text messages. Digital marketing is a part of every business’ marketing plan these days, and it has to be. For all of the ease technology has given people, it has also created the burden of excess communication. You don’t need to be awakened in the middle of the night by a text from your gym telling you about its latest social media post.

This is the new way of marketing, and it is loading up the text inbox of smartphones throughout the land. If your phone number is listed, you may even find yourself on marketing lists of companies you do not normally solicit. After all, demographic research hasn’t changed; how marketers reach the masses has, and text messaging is a popular and often-utilized medium.



I hate spam. I really do. And with the rise in email, and now the rise in the use of mobile phones spammers have expanded their annoying outreach. This includes spam texts. Cyber criminals are just as capable of spamming your smartphone as they are your email inbox, and they do. You have to protect your phone just as you do your computer, and a text spam blocker is a wonderful tool to engage. As with your computer’s antivirus software, the blocker will prevent the text from downloading into your app. Check out the Google Play store or iOS Store for some of the top rated apps that actually work.


Use Do Not Disturb

As much as I love my smartphone, I also love my sleep. And I do NOT like having my sleep interrupted! Because of this I have an automatic do not disturb schedule. Every day at 10:00 pm, do not disturb is turned on. It does not go off until 10:00 am each morning. I don’t need to be distracted while trying to get ready for work, and sleeping in on the weekends.  Do Not Disturb mutes noises from calls, texts, and app notifications. It is customizable. The only calls and messages, and sounds that make it through are from contacts on my Favorites List. This includes only family and close friends. No matter if you have an iPhone or Android, you can get some peace.


Technology is wonderful and nearly everyone uses it every day. Still, it can also be annoying when you are suddenly bombarded with unsolicited text messages. Thankfully, technology also combats its annoyances, and a messaging blocker will help prevent unwanted texts.