Not too long ago I gave you a long list of smart home devices that I use in my home. At that time, you may have done some shopping. Or, you may have hesitated. We know that smart home devices can enhance your home security, but you may worry about how having smart home devices affects your home’s network security. This is where the Dojo by Bullguard comes in.

What is Dojo?

Dojo by BullGuard is the world’s most comprehensive smart home cybersecurity solution. It was created to be an enterprise-grade, network security service for the smart home. No matter which of the many, many connected smart home devices you have, it can protect them. From smart alarms, thermostats, baby monitors, smart appliances, and lighting to locks and more, Dojo is an added layer of security to protect your home network.

Using Dojo will protect you from hackers that may be trolling neighborhoods looking for vulnerable smart home devices. You do not want this.

I have to say that the design is pretty cool too. When I opened the box, I felt like I was opening a high tech, futuristic device. Dojo comes with a base unit that plugs into your Internet router, and the Dojo Pebble, which is a free floating unit.


Installation should be fairly simple, however I had some issues. As easy as it should have been, I found myself stuck in a setup loop, even after trying to reset the unit and start over. The problem was that the Pebble would not pair with the Bluetooth on my phone. I feel like Dojo anticipates this. Before even beginning setup and at several steps throughout you are encouraged to call support to get help with installation. This is not ideal for a techie like me! We have determined minds and like to figure stuff out on our own. 🙂

In order to install you are required to download the Dojo by Bullguard app in the Apple or Google Play store. You use the app to register and setup your device. You will also need 4 AA batteries, and the admin username and password of your Internet router.


If you are so inclined, I do recommend just calling and being walked through setup. This is important if you are not comfortable with changing settings on your router, or if you are not sure what options you should choose during installation.


How Does Dojo Work?

Dojo works by constantly monitoring your home’s network for vulnerabilities and hacks. It monitors for suspicious activity and sends you notifications if it finds anything. Dojo works as a buffer between your home Internet router and the outside world to provide Internet access to your tablets, smartphones, home security devices, smart locks, connected lightbulbs, and streaming media devices. It then monitors each of the assigned IP addresses and protects against internal and external attacks. It is also constantly updating, so there should be no worry of being protected against new threats.

The base unit needs to stay put while connected to your cable modem or router. However, the Pebble is battery powered and can be moved around the home. The ring of lights let you know what is going on. A green ring means all is well, and there is no suspicious activity. A yellow ring means Dojo has detected something suspicious blocked it. Red is bad. Red means that Dojo detected something and blocked it, but may need your input. For this, you need to open your Dojo app and see what is going on.

You can also see a full list of all of the devices connected to your network. It’s very helpful if you have each device named to be easily identifiable. I have a naming scheme that I use in my home so I know exactly what each device is when I view my network.


Pros: Very thorough suite of IoT security products, compatible with most routers and Wi-Fi Mesh networks. It works with unlimited devices, includes a smart firewall, and offers robust smart home security.

Cons: A bit of trouble with installation, a push to call the support line, a need to sign up for a subscription plan after the first year.

Right now, the Dojo by Bullguard is on sale at Best Buy for only $99.99. That’s a savings of $100! This also comes with 1 year of free monitoring service. After that, there is a charge of $9.99/month, or $99 for one year. If you are worried about your smart home security, it is totally worth it.


Disclosure: I received the Dojo by Bullguard as well as a Best Buy gift card in exchange for this review.