Chromebooks have been around for a while now. However, I feel like they’ve gotten a bit of a bad rap. When most think Chromebooks, we think about computers that teachers hold in classrooms, pass out to their students, then collect again at the end of class. Past models have come with very little RAM (memory), Celeron processors, and small hard drives. The Google Pixelbook is here to change our minds about Chromebooks.

The Google Pixelbook is the new high-performance Chromebook which is not just for school kids. It’s for real people, who need to do “real” computing. The specs rival that of other high-end laptops. Add a Pixelbook Pen, the smart, responsive stylus, and you’ve got a powerful machine on your hands.

The Google Pixebook is also the first laptop with the Google Assistant built in. So…. just like you talk to your Google Home or Google on your phone, you’ll be able to talk to her on your laptop. The Pixelbook is also convertible. The 4-in-1 design switches from laptop to tablet to tent to entertainment mode. It features a 12.3″ 360° touchscreen display, so you can access your data faster, use touch apps, or use the optional Pixelbook Pen for drawing and more. At only 2.45 lbs, the Pixelbook’s super thin and lightweight design make it very portable, and taking anywhere you need it.

Google  Pixelbook



Google Pixelbook Specifications


Benefits of the Chrome OS

You probably already love the Google Chrome browser. It’s a smooth browsing experience with a lot of additional features thanks to extensions. With Chrome OS, you have the benefit of using Chrome extensions to add functionality fo your laptop. And, no need to worry about manually installing the latest security or features. It will do it for you in the background. It also boots up in under ten seconds! And has a battery life that will last of the day. You can get up to ten hours of power from a single charge.


More Ram + More Hard Drive Space = More Functionality

My previous Chromebook had only 16gb of hard drive space. That is not much at all. There was no room to save photos, videos, or music directly to the hard drive. The Chromebook is made to be cloud-based. However, it is still nice to have space to locally save files or music that you need to access all of the time, or when offline. The new line of Google Chromebooks offers a choice of a 128gb, 256gb, or 512gb SSD. Plenty of space for all of your goodies. And, having a solid-state drive means that it is more durable and more secure.

Don’t forget, since its based on Chrome you can use the full suite of Google Apps to get your work done. Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides all work flawlessly. And your documents are securely saved on Google Drive.


Get the Pixelbook Pen

Want to add more functionality to your Pixelbook? Add the Pixelbook Pen. This can be used as a stylus. Or you can write, draw and create. It’s also compatible with Google Assistant, so you record notes and capture sketches via Google Keep, even while your notebook is locked. How cool is that? Small and light, this Google Pixelbook Pen feels like a regular pen and makes a great addition to your Chromebook.

Google  Pixelbook Pen


There are currently 3 models of the Google Pixelbook available at Best Buy. Prices range from $999 to $1649 depending on the model. You can choose the one that is right for you.


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Best Buy. I received a Best Buy gift card in exchange for this post.