Ok, I have another confession. I hoard blog post drafts. Sigh…

Life gets busy. And we know there are not enough hours in the day. And, well… sometimes things suffer. For me, that has been my blog! It’s not that I have not been trying. Ok. I have not been trying much lately. Some other things have gotten in the way. My mind has been on summer, school finally ending, and getting some things done around the house.

But, it’s also part of a curse! How many drafts do you have in your blog dashboard? I have 76! 76!!!! How many posts have you started in Microsoft Word or Google Docs while working on something else so you don’t forget? I have no idea! I will just say it’s a lot. I have a problem. Ok, I have a few problems. One of them is procrastination. Another one is that I start blog posts for special occasions, holidays, and special dates, and then I don’t finish them!!

I have every intention of finishing the post, but then life gets busy, deadlines on other stuff come up, and before I know it, the date is here and I realize midday, “Oh shoot! I did not finish the post about xyz special thing, blah blah.” Admitting that you have a problem is the first step, right? But, uggghhh!!!

This has happened twice recently. I started a draft for my birthday, which was April 21st. The post was simply titled #44. Yep… It’s still in drafts. I started another called, “How Mother’s Day Has Changed”. I guess I will save that one for next year now! Sigh…

I’ll be completely honest, lately, my blogging mojo has just been off. Part of the problem is just not feeling worthy at some moments. Another part is being busy at work. Another part is all of the changes we have gone through with blogging. My traffic tanked well over a year ago and never recovered. And when I say tanked I mean took a dang nose dive into the ocean never to be seen again. Then there are changes with Google, Facebook algorithms, Instagram algorithms, GDPR, etc., etc. And another part is just… LIFE!!

I have had success in the past, and I hear some other bloggers have success with having a “writing day”. Just sit and do nothing but write, write, write then schedule those posts. I find that once I get one done (this one maybe?), it’s easy to move on and start and finish another one, as long as there are no distractions or interruptions. Distractions and interruptions? Yeah… that is another issue! Despite intentional distractions by family, friends, and work, there are the distractions in your mind. There is a constant to do list going through my mind and I’m constantly telling myself that this thing should be done before that thing. UGH!

What are you struggling with right now? How do you focus and complete a task that you find difficult?