Do you enjoy vacuuming? Lots of people don’t, but I actually don’t mind it. However, when you have a large house it takes a lot of time to get it all done. I am a multitasker. I am all about doing more than one thing at a time because there are usually not enough hours in the day to complete everything on my list! A couple of years ago I reviewed the awesome iRobot Roomba 870. I loved it! I still love it. However, times change and so does technology. iRobot has added smart home technology to their line of Roomba robotic vacuums. Thanks to my friends at Lowe’s Home Improvement I was recently upgraded to an iRobot Roomba 960.

With 4 kids (umm… and a husband) in the house, we are constantly sweeping or vacuuming. The floor in the kitchen takes a beating from cooking and serving food. And let’s not talk about what is under the table under after my kids finish eating.


What is the iRobot Roomba 960?

The iRobot Roomba 960 is a WiFi connected robot vacuum that allows me to vacuum the house from the comfort of my couch, or while cooking, working, or doing laundry. In other words, it is a homeowner’s dream. Our downstairs is hardwood, however, the entire top floor is carpeted. And guess what? The Roomba 960 can handle both.


iRobot Roomba 960 Features

  • Cleans an entire level of your home
  • Cleans until the job is done
  • Designed to clean under furniture
  • Customized cleaning and status monitoring
  • Cleans on a schedule
  • Alerts you when the bin is full
  • Battery run time of up to 75 minutes

One major upgrade that I love on the Roomba 960 is that when the battery is low it will return to base and charge itself, then continue the job once the unit is charged. This means not having to physically go and retrieve the Roomba and walk it to the base to charge it. And the battery lasts for up to 75 minutes, which is plenty of time to get the job done.


Setting Up & Using the iRobot Roomba 960

Setup was super easy.  There is not much to it. I chose a central, but out of the way location for the base and plugged it in. The Roomba arrived partially charged, but I put it on the base to charge a bit more while I read through the directions. I downloaded the iRobot HOME app from the Google Play Store and created an account. Once that was done it didn’t take long before my Roomba was on the move!

Control the Roomba 960 with Your Smart Phone

Once your phone is connected to our Roomba by WiFi you can use it to control the Roomba, monitor progress, view your cleaning history, change settings, or create a cleaning schedule.

To get started just hit the CLEAN button. The Roomba will start moving around your home. And while it’s cleaning you can monitor progress from your phone, pause the cleaning job, and get alerts. You will get a push alert when the Roomba is done cleaning, if the battery is low, or if the bin is full. You also get an alert if the Roomba gets stuck.


This is a game changer for me! Using my smartphone I can schedule my Roomba to clean every night, once a week, or even while we are at work and school. If you do this, just remember to keep the floor clear of items that might get in the Roomba’s way.

Control the Roomba 960 with Your Voice Assistant

Yep, another game changer! I can now control my Roomba with both my Amazon Echo and my Google Home. To use it with the Echo, I installed the iRobot Home skill and connected my iRobot account. Now I can just say “Alexa, ask Roomba to start cleaning.” This can also be used to tell Roomba to stop cleaning or return home.

If you use Google Home or another product with the Google Assistant, link the iRobot Smart Home service in your Google Home app. Once completed, you can then say, “Ok Google, tell Roomba to start cleaning.” This even works when not home using the Google Assistant on my phone!


How Does it Clean?

I was very impressed with the cleaning power of my Roomba 960. It easily navigates from room to room, goes under furniture, and recharges itself. What more could I ask for?? The Roomba 960 has enough power to loosen, lift, and suction dirt. It has up to 5x more air power and requires less maintenance.

I used it both on my hardwood floors downstairs, and my carpeted upstairs and it did not miss a beat. I closed all the doors to the bedrooms first because my kids had things all over the floor, but I did allow it to go into my laundry room. It seamlessly transitioned from carpet to floor and back with no problem. And guess what? It will not fall down the stairs. It detects stairs, stops, and turns around.

It vacuumed the whole 1st-floor level, and then most of the 2nd-floor family room, hall, and laundry room before the battery ran out. And it left vacuum lines, which make me happy. Since the base is located downstairs, I did have to take it down to the base when the battery eventually ran out. However, as long as you are running the Roomba 960 on the same level as the base, it will take itself home when the battery gets low, charge, and continue the job once the battery is replenished. It had been a while since I vacuumed, and the Roomba did a great job. The bin was full when it finished.

As with any vacuuming job, before you get started you should check the floor for loose socks, cords, and anything else that might get in the way of your vacuum. Also, if you want it to go under the dining table, move the chairs out to leave room for the Roomba to maneuver.  This allows it to move freely, and you can do other things.

It is already making my life easier by taking care of my vacuuming. And as stated above, it goes under furniture which I admit is not something we do on a regular basis when vacuuming. Now, we can let the Roomba 960 handle it and have a lot fewer dust bunnies.

If you are looking for an awesome high tech way to get some help with your vacuuming, definitely pick up the iRobot Roomba 960 from Lowes. Even just knowing that the vacuuming is being taken care of lifts a bit of a weight off of my chest in terms of cleaning. The Roomba 960 is available for $629.99.


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Lowes. All opinions are my own.