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My 12-year-old twin boys are avid gamers. I guess they take after me in a way. I used to love gaming. But, life happened so these days I mostly just watch. One of the things that enhances their gaming is having a great gaming headset. We have gone through a few. But now, one of my boys was more than happy to receive the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas for review. Yes, only one of my boys. I’m sure the other one will be asking for one very soon. Sigh…

Anyway, he has given it his seal of approval. And I must say that it impressed me as well. Unlike his previous pair that seemed cheaply made, and ended up snapped in two, because… 12-year-old boys… the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas feels a lot more sturdy. The headband is metal instead of plastic, so they are a lot more stable. They do look huge on his tiny little head, but he will grow into them. 🙂

The all-new Atlas line of headsets are built for PC gamers. The Turtle Beach Elite Atlas is for casual gamers, pro-players or hardcore PC gamers. The comfortable and durable yet sleek metal headband with a suspended pad, and upgraded magnetic memory foam ear cushions are made to be comfortable for all.


Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Favorite Features

Removable Microphone

The mic extension is easily removed. This is useful for storing, or packing your headset. And this also means that they can be used as simply headphones when you don’t need mic capabilities.

Mute Switch & Easy Volume Controls

It’s never nice to yell at people in your household when someone’s on the other end of your phone or headset. However, when in the middle of gaming you can do this without even thinking about it. The Turtle Beach Elite Atlas has an easy slide mute switch so that you can easily mute yourself to carry on a conversation without annoying your gaming friends.

This same spot includes easy to use volume controls so you can easily adjust a super loud game. We love this because my son is just like me. We can listen to the TV or a game at a relatively low volume, while my husband like to blast things.

Compatible with Multiple Devices

Although my boys do most of their gaming on your PC, we also have an Xbox One and a PS3. And every now and then they play games on their phones. The Turtle Beach Elite Atlas is compatible with PC, XBox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile, so no matter what they are feeling at the moment, they can use the headset on just about all of them. The Elite Atlas goes wherever gaming takes you with the included 3.5mm and PC-splitter cables that connect to any PC setup whether you have one integrated mic/headphone jack or separate jacks for both.

Very Comfortable and Well cushioned

This headset is one of the most comfortable ones that I have tried. The cushions are huge. The ProSpecs™ glasses friendly design means that I was able to wear it with my glasses on with no problem. It did not squeeze my glasses into my head like some other headsets.

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Sound Quality

The Turtle Beach Elite Atlas sound is made great by audio performance that centers around the Elite Atlas’ pro-tuned 50mm Nanoclear™ speakers. They deliver immersive Windows Sonic for Headphones surround sound. And the removable high-sensitivity mic with TruSpeak™ technology provides flawless communication with teammates no matter the game.

The Turtle Beach Atlas line features three different models, including the Elite Atlas Pro Performance PC Gaming Headset, so you can get the one perfect for the gamer in your life. Each Atlas headset offers PC gamers an innovative set of features, functionality and pricing, starting at just $99.95 for the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas.