Being in a new home, the improvements and decorating are never ending. But, we are taking it slow. It takes quite a bit to make a house a home. And when you become a homeowner some of the strangest things might tickle your fancy and make you happy. For me it’s awesome, functional home appliances. And if we have to clean up and do things around the house to might as well be fun, right? And the rooms that we have to do these things in might as well be pretty. The same goes for the laundry room. So, when my friends at Lowe’s asked me to review the fabulous Samsung FlexWash and Samsung FlexDry set I was happy to do so. These gorgeous babies will soon be the focus of our newly revamped laundry room.

This is only step one. At around 6.5’ x 6’25 the room is not very big. However, it works for us, and it’s quite a bit bigger and more functional than the laundry closet that we had in the old house. I want to upgrade a few things in the room. My plans were put on hold a bit, but the most important part is now done. I will soon and cabinets, some paint, and a new light fixture.

With 6 people, sometimes 7, living in the house, there is usually a lot of laundry. It is not uncommon to do at least one load of laundry every other day. And back when all 4 kids wore uniforms sometimes I did laundry every night.

Now, my kids are at the age when they can do their own laundry. But, let’s be honest… this is just not something that is a top priority for 12-year-old boys! So, I find myself reminding them to do laundry, or to bring me all of their dirty clothes. In fact, we sometimes do wash clothes every night. My boys currently have only gym uniform each, and well… we know those can get pretty ripe on 12-year-old boys.


The Samsung FlexWash

The Samsung FlexWash is a dual washing machine. Yes, you heard that right. Not only do you get the standard front load washer which is big enough to wash a comforter and some other bed linen, you also get the smaller top load washer which is perfect for washing delicates. But, you know what I’ve been using it for most? My sons’ gym uniforms. This is perfect for times when I’m not doing a full load but I just need to wash their uniforms.

Samsung FlexWash + FlexDry

Samsung FlexWash Features

  • FlexWash™ – One machine, Two washers – This is fantastic! And in the few weeks that I have had this set, I have already used it quite a bit.
  • Super Speed helps cut wash time by 40%; Do a full load of laundry in only 36 minutes – This is very helpful for when in a hurry, or you realize that you forgot to wash something.
  • PowerFoam technology creates a powerful, yet gentle foam for deep and thorough cleaning, even on large, bulky items like comforters and towels – I washed 3 bed comforters (not together) and they came out nice and fluffy.
  • Steam Wash helps loosen tough soils by deeply penetrating into the fabric and eliminating the need for pre-treatment chemicals – I have not tried this cycle yet, but I’m guessing it will be excellent for deeply soiled items like rugs.
  • WiFi allows you to control and monitor the washer from your fingertip via smartphone app
  • SelfClean+ technology conveniently keeps your drum hygienically clean without using detergent

Samsung FlexWash + FlexDry

Gone are the days of just throwing all of your clothes in the washer together and hoping for the best. As you can see, the FlexWash has numerous modes to get the job done, no matter what you are washing. Lower washer modes include Normal, Heavy Duty, Whites, Sanitize, Delicates, Perm Press, Towels, Bedding, Quick Wash, Eco Cold, Active Wear, and Rinse+Spin.

Since the upper washer is made to handle much smaller, more specialized loads, it includes fewer options: Normal, Delicates, Active Wear, and Rinse+Spin. So far, I have used the Delicates cycle for my undies, and Active Wear for my boys’ gym uniforms.

The way that the detergent is added into the upper washer is interesting. It’s more old school. It includes a small triangular cup. You add the detergent in here and just sit it in the washer, under your garments. I admit that I was skeptical, but it worked out fine.

Samsung FlexWash + FlexDry


Some modes allow you to customize them even more using the options on the right of the washer. You can increase water temperature, increase the number of times the load is rinsed, increase the spin speed, adjust the soil level, add presoak, add steam, and more.

Samsung FlexWash + FlexDry

When I have both going at the same time, I really feel productive! I can have a full load in the bottom, and delicates on top. I have no worry of bra straps getting wrapped around other clothes.

The Samsung FlexDry Dryer

You have to have a great dryer to go along with a great washer. The matching FlexDry unit fits the bill. Packed full of options to dry just about anything, it make doing laundry more fun than a chore.

Samsung FlexDry Features

  • FlexDry™ – one machine, two dryers
  • Delicate dryer-flat dry delicates, sweaters, and accessories to prevent shrinkage and fabric damage
  • Multi-steam technology-steam away wrinkles, odors, bacteria, and static
  • Vent sensor – detects duct blockages and reminds you to clean your vent
  • Wi-Fi connectivity – remotely monitor remaining cycle time and receive alerts when the cycle is complete
  • Eco Dry – uses up to 25% less energy for every load
  • Sensor Dry optimizes the time and temperature to dry clothes thoroughly, avoid heat damage
  • Smart Care – troubleshoot straight from your smartphone
  • Drying rack on upper dryer; flat dry to keep your items in optimal shape

Samsung FlexWash + FlexDry

The Samsung FlexDry has saved me having to hang up a few things instead of putting them in the dryer. The top load dryer handles delicates such as a shirt/blouse, undergarments, sweater, or accessories. So far I have used to to dry my undies and a sweater. And it worked great!

Unlike the lower dryer, the items lay flat so they are not “beat up” in the tumbling cycle. However, air still flows through the clothes for thorough drying.

Similar to the washer, the dryer has many cycles including a few steam cycles. I have used the refresh cycle quite a few times already. It’s so useful for refreshing a piece of clothing without doing a full wash. Other steam cycles include Wrinkle Away, and Steam Sanitize.

When I washed the comforters and dried using the Bedding setting, I did notice that they were still a bit damp in the middle. I will have to remember to add a little extra time in the future.


Samsung FlexWash + FlexDry Smart Features

I cannot see using my phone to start loads, stop loads, etc. since I still have to physically go the washer to load the items. But, let me tell you… I LOVE the fact that I get an alert on my phone when either the washer or dryer have stopped. This has saved me! Many times in the past I have starting doing something else and completely forgot that I was doing laundry. But now? I get an alert and can immediately go move the load, which keeps things moving. It will also alert me if a door was left open.

To get this working, I installed Samsung Home app from the Google Play store. Setup was nice and easy. I added both my washer and dryer. If you have other Samsung Smart appliances, this app will work with them as well.

One thing that I might change is the location of both the Smart Control and Smart Monitor buttons on the washer and dryer. The buttons are very touch sensitive and I found myself changing them with my body when putting things in the wash, or reaching up to get detergent. LOL.

And speaking of… Smart Control actually allows me to change cycles, and start or stop the washer from my phone. Since my dryer is a gas dryer, I can only monitor, but not control. However, this is perfectly fine. As long as I get alerts, that is very helpful.

So far, I am absolutely loving this set. I am certain that I will learn a ton of new things in the coming weeks. There is just so much to each machine!

The Samsung FlexWash 6-cu ft High Efficiency Washer Front-Load Washer can be purchased in beautiful Black Stainless Steel for $1799.00. The FlexDry Electric Dryer is $1799.00. And the FlexDry Gas Dryer is $1889.00. Visit for more information.


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Lowes. All opinions are my own.