Author: Kris McDonald

Gift Guide: 10 Kitchen Gadgets For the Cook in Your Life

The below post contains affiliate links. I love to cook. If I wanted to I could probably be a food blogger with no problem. However, I’m usually too busy cooking and then eating to take pretty pictures of my food! But, since I cook a lot there are small kitchen appliances aka gadgets that help me along the way! Yesterday while cooking Thanksgiving dinner I had something in both ovens, 2 Ninjas going, a roast in my ShowTime, and things on the stove! I was not playing. And I like it that way. Also, just some praise for my...

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Gift Guide: 10 Black Friday Tech Deals to Catch Without Leaving the House

The below post contains affiliate links.   First a money saving shopping tip! Are you a member of Ebates? I am and I love it! If you are not already a member, now is a great time to join. You are going to be holiday shopping anyway, so you might as well get some cashback! So far I have gotten $433.01! I would have made much, much more. However, as you can see I joined way back in 2013. For the longest time I was either skeptical or I just forgot to use it. It’s only been over the...

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Gift Guide: 15+ Devices Smart Home Devices To Make Your Home Smarter

The below post contains affiliate links. As you can imagine I’m all about having a smart home! When we moved in I knew that I wanted certain things to work with the touch of a button or the sound of my voice. Over the past few months, and beyond I have accumulated a nice collection of smart home devices that work together to make our home a bit smarter. Some of these I been gifted for review, others I have purchased myself. One can argue that there is no need for a smart home, and if that is you,...

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5 Tips to Online Safety During the Busy Holiday Season

The below is a sponsored post.   Based on recent research by Trend Micro, nearly 30% of all households have three or more smartphones. Add to that the number tablets, and computers, and you have homes that are more connected than ever before. Because of this, social media has become more of a beast than many of us could have imagined. When I was a teen we did not have laptops, or tablets. And we did not have smartphones permanently connected to our hands. While I’m sure our parents had a certain amount of worry about what we were...

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Meural Digital Canvas Review

Since moving into our home, we are constantly craving more color! As previously mentioned, builders often suggest that you wait a year before painting. This allows the house to settle and you won’t have to fix cracks every couple of months. Because of this, our walls are still white for now. We are in desperate need of color. As we go room by room and slowly decorate we are finally hanging some photos and art on the walls to add color! But, we still have a long way to go. Our living and dining have been coming together. I...

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