Author: Kris McDonald

5 Reasons to Use Only the Best Batteries in Your Expensive Gadgets

Chances are you picked up a few gadgets when doing your holiday shopping. Gadgets, or specifically gaming devices are one of the most popular gifts for not only kids and teens, but some adults too. Gaming systems keep families playing together, and portable gaming devices keep kids happy and entertained while on the go. I can admit that a few times in the past I have purchased toys that needed batteries and I forgot to buy the batteries! I also have another confession. When my kids were younger and the batteries in their favorite noisy toys ran out, sometimes...

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5 Ways to Keep Your Family Healthier in Cold & Flu Season

Winter is a time of family, food, cold, snow… and sickness! With the change of seasons and the cold weather comes a new slew of allergies, viruses, and the flu. Ugh! It can be overwhelming to try to keep everyone in your family healthy. This especially true if your kids are in school, or someone in your household works in a vulnerable place like a hospital. While there is not too much that you can do to prevent being exposed to sickness while you are out and about, you can do some things at home to keep your home...

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Prepping Your Home for Holiday Entertaining

I love the holidays. I love being able to make my children happy on Christmas morning. I love the season. I love the feelings that the holidays brings about. I also love decorating my home for the holidays. And I love entertaining. Ok… and while I don’t like driving in it, I do love how beautiful the Chicago snow is around the holidays. What I don’t really love is all of the fuss and preparation that comes along with entertaining at home for the holiday. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. However, it does not have to be. When we...

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Bringing Smarthome Control to Your Garage Door with MyQ®

This post is sponsored by Chamberlain. I was paid for this post and received the featured Home Bridge as compensation.   If you know me you know by now that I love gadgets, and I love smart home gadgets and technology. I plan to have just about everything controllable from my phone at some point. I am getting there, slowly but surely! One of the things that I find most useful to have on my smartphone is my garage door openers. You may be wondering why someone would need that. Yes, why indeed? How many times have you left...

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Get an Intel 8th Gen Core Powered Laptop to Get the Most Out of Your Tech Gifts

The below is a sponsored post.   You already know that I’m a computer snob! I have to be. I am a true multi-tasker. I edit photos and videos on a regular basis, and I usually have like 20 browser tabs open, a word processor, and a movie… all going at the same time. The way that I work and play means that I need a powerful computer. And as a tech geek,  I have been doing this long enough to know what goes into a good machine. There are several things that make your laptop a worthwhile partner...

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