Author: Kris McDonald

Hola! Yes, it’s really me…

I know i have not posted since January. Yes, I’ve been busy, but trying to fix that and actually keep up the site. Like I posted on my other site I think I can  manage 2 posts a week. 🙂 I have just finished upgrading the WordPress version on this site to 2.6 up from 2.2. I had a couple of issues that I am working through, but for the most part, all should be...

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ShareThis plugin issue

I love the ShareThis plugin. I have been using it for quite a while. Also, I notice that it is taken over the web. I believe it started as a plugin by Alex King. Now it’s has it own identity, community, website, forum, etc. Wow! I upgraded Wordress from version 2.2 to version 2.6 yesterday, then I upgraded to the latest version of the ShareThis plugin. It went fine, but now you will notice that I have that ShareThis icon way up at the top of my blog. Yeah, umm… it does not belong there. I checked the forums and I see that it’s a common issue with certain things. I am just hoping to find a fix, cause it’s just not right...

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Wonderful Weekend with Friends to Love On Our Maleikka

I think I have mentioned on here before that I have a group of close friends that I met on the internet on a message board for miscarriage support. So many real friendships have sprouted from that. So, in November of 2006 we lost one member tragically. I blogged about it here. Well in November 2007 we lost another member to cancer. 2 lives taken so young with very, very young children left behind.  These events were devastating for us all, but somehow brought us closer together. We have another member who is currently battling breast cancer. She wanted...

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Vacation, exhaustion, sickness

We had the pleasure of going to Wisconsin Dells a couple of months ago for a bit. It was fun, but the weekend was too short! The kids did have fun though. We stayed at the Kalahari Resort which was REALLY nice. The rooms were great. Nice and spacious and comfy. One funny thing is that the kitchenette had the exact counter tops and cabinets that we have in our home! The girls had bun at the water park. Alexis is my little daredevil taking on a huge water slide all by herself. Kayla is like me, she is scared to do most things....

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