Author: Kris McDonald

Gmail Voice & Video Chat

Well, I always joke that Gmail is taking over the world, and here they go again. Now, right in your gmail window, while chatting with a friend, you can do a video chat. I have not tried it out yet. I need to get a guinea pig on...

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iPhone 3G

Yes, I am late jumping into this discussion, but hey, I’ve been busy! I had the joy of testing out a first generation iPhone with the 2.0 beta software on it over the past few months through my job. It was quite...

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Kindergarten School Supplies

My girls start Kindergarten on August 25. i cannot believe it!! They are going to big girl school. 🙂 I don’t think they will have any adjustment issues. They have been in a school environment (daycare) since they were 2.5....

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