Author: Kris McDonald

Hola! Yes, it’s really me…

I know i have not posted since January. Yes, I’ve been busy, but trying to fix that and actually keep up the site. Like I posted on my other site I think I can  manage 2 posts a week. 🙂 I have just finished upgrading the...

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ShareThis plugin issue

I love the ShareThis plugin. I have been using it for quite a while. Also, I notice that it is taken over the web. I believe it started as a plugin by Alex King. Now it’s has it own identity, community, website, forum,...

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Vacation, exhaustion, sickness

We had the pleasure of going to Wisconsin Dells a couple of months ago for a bit. It was fun, but the weekend was too short! The kids did have fun though. We stayed at the Kalahari Resort which was REALLY nice. The rooms were...

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