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Article corrections…

So it is a great article if I do say so myself. :o) First the minor quote mistakes did not bother me, but I have decided to at least correct them here to make myself feel better. They do change the context of the story and I have gotten several questions from people that know us regarding this 2nd one. Quote: “Eddie administered the steroid shots, he said, often distracting his wife before injecting her. They waited pensively while their children, which they now knew were two girls, grew in Kristile’s womb.” Actually, it was the terbutaline pump site that Eddie had to change once a week. The steroid shots were administered when I was in the hospital by the docs. ———- Quote: “But women who take some fertility drugs even once have a higher probability of conceiving multiples in any future pregnancy, Kristile said. She was one of these women.” Actually, I said that women who have one set of twins have a higher chance of having another set in future pregnancies. NOT that women who take fertility drugs have that chance. Fertility drugs wear off and would need to be taken again to be effective. I took only 2 cycles of clomid, a very mild fertility pill, which has only a 5% chance of twinning. I really do think it was a very good article. It was...

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Mother’s Day Article About… ME!!!

A local Suburban Chicago paper interviewed me for their Mother’s Day centerpiece story. It’s very strange to look at a paper and see yourself on the cover. Check out my story here (The link is long dead, see the PDF version below) 🙂 Kristopher got up at 5:24, so I went to the computer to look up the article. Eddie said “no, don’t read it there, it’s not the same”, so at 5:30 he got dressed and went to the store and bought 10 papers. There are a couple of minor mistakes on details in the article, but no...

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“Don’t leave us with the babies!”

Being a mom to 2 sets of twins is stressful! There were days when they were small that I just did not think that I would ever sleep again! When my boys were born my girls were only 3. It was sometimes pure chaos! There were plenty of tears…. from the babies… and from me! Thankfully, we had a lot of help. When my girls were born, my mother basically lived with us from Monday – Friday. She would then go home for the weekend, and come back. She was their sitter until they were 2 years old. My mother-in-law...

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So What is it Really Like Having 2 Sets of Twins?

Excuse this jumbled rant. People often ask “What’s it like having 2 sets of twins?” Well…it is exhausting! It is also very rewarding. Now that they are all here, I would not have it any other way… PERIOD! I think about their births, the things that we go through each day, and I realize that I am blessed.   What Are the Odds of Having 2 Sets of Twins? This is another question that we get all of the time. It usually starts with “Do twins run in your family?” My response is always, “I guess so!” or “Apparently!”...

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