Author: Kris McDonald

Meural Digital Canvas Review

Since moving into our home, we are constantly craving more color! As previously mentioned, builders often suggest that you wait a year before painting. This allows the house to settle and you won’t have to fix cracks every couple of months. Because of this, our walls are still white for now. We are in desperate need of color. As we go room by room and slowly decorate we are finally hanging some photos and art on the walls to add color! But, we still have a long way to go. Our living and dining have been coming together. I...

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Introducing a New Way for Teens to Shop on Amazon

I have a problem. A problem that may need help. I am addicted to shopping on Amazon! Seriously there are times when I place 1-2 orders a week. I have been a customer since 2001. And now my teenage girls have caught my Amazon addiction. I am proud of them. They caught an early savings bug and learned how to earn Amazon gift cards with shopping apps. With my help, they have been ordering little tidbits here and there for a while using those, and gift cards that they receive as gifts. But now? Their shopping experience will be...

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5 Ways to Protect Your Computer from Disaster

As a business IT support professional, part of my days is spent fixing problems on computers. Some of the problems that may occur such as computer slowness may be caused by malware, viruses, or bad software (full of bloatware). At one time or another, all users may experience some form of computer malfunction. In my post, 10 Things to Do When Your Windows PC Behaves Badly, I talked about how to recover from computer issues. But what about preventing them from happening? You can never stop all computer issues, but there are some things that you can do to help....

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How to Keep Your House Clean When You Don’t Have Time to Clean

I envy those who have a clean house all the time! However, I will say that I’m proud of myself. In the months before I moved out of the old house it gave me an opportunity to do a big purge. This means that I moved into our new home with less stuff. Less stuff to end up in random places around the house. And, we are blessed to have a lot more storage, which means more places to put stuff!   However, life is progressively becoming faster and faster. Keeping up with our jobs, family and errands, leaves...

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5 Expert Office Design Tips

Most of the time, it’s best to let facts influence our decision making. The same principle can be applied to office design. Even though some people never gave it much thought, the way in which a workplace is designed and organized greatly impacts the productivity of employees. This goes for your home office too. I’ve been in my house for about 8 months and my office is till not quite there yet. I’ve been scouring the web for tips on making my office more work friendly, and inviting. Here are 5 expert office design tips that will propel your...

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