My hubby was taking notes on a hospital pad throughout the day as things happened, but wouldn?t you know it, when I got moved from one room to another, it got lost, so I can?t remember all the times stuff happened.

As it seems to happen with me, my “trouble” started with a doc appt. on Friday morning. As most already know, I was taking off my terb pump on Monday, April 21. On about Wednesday, I started having bad back aches, and contractions were increasing but were not painful at all. I was not convinced it was real, so I just kept a close eye on things.

I get to my appt on Friday at 9:30. I was not seen until almost 11. My blood pressure was up and I had a little protein in my urine. They wanted to do the group B test, and while in there he checked my cervix and I was 3 cm!! I could not believe that. Actually, I felt it coming and was not surprised, but it still became real at that point that this might happen soon.

He sent me over to L&D for a toxemia test, and monitoring. They took me in at just before 1 pm I believe. I was + for toxemia, so I was put on Mag (not my favorite stuff), ampillicin (since the Group B test was not back yet), and an iV.

After a few minutes they check me there and I was 4 almost 5 cm, 90 % effaced and -2 station. The mag started working and slowed my contractions way down, so they started a pitocin drip while I was moved to my own room from Triage.

As soon as I got there, I got an epi, and it started working and my already swelled legs became 2 large concrete stones that I could not move. Then he broke Twin A’s water, and inserted a fetal scalp electrode to better monitor Twin A’s heart rate, and an internal contraction monitor. The pit did not work right away, so they upped it a bit. At the next check I was 7-8 cm!!

They upped it a bit more because I really did not feel my contractions, they felt very minor but they were definitely doing something in terms of changing my cervix. About 30 minutes later, I was complete and starting pushing at 10:20 pm. I was told I was a champion pusher. Baby B’s heart rate started to fluctuate a bit, so they moved me right away to the OR. He told me that he would assist with me with a vacuum because they really wanted to get to twin B. Well, from my pushing in the room, twin A’s head was crowning, so getting her out did not take long at all. She was born at 11:24 pm. He the broke Twin B’s water and I pushed a few times to get her into position. She was born at 11:33 pm. I had a tear, and that was repaired (NO fun when the epi is starting to wear off).

The babies were sent to the well baby nursery and Eddie followed them around and took pictures and all that Dad type stuff. I was sent to recovery. They brought them in to us about 2:30 am. I looked at them in awe for a few minutes, but I was so exhausted that I could not keep my eyes open. They kept close watch on me because of the toxemia, so I had to stay in recovery longer than usual, and I was bed bound. I was moved to my own private room about 4:00 am.

On Saturday, they spent all day in our room and we had a few visitors. We sent them to the nursery at 10:30 pm and got probably our last good nights sleep for a while.

I still could not get out of bed! I had to stay on the mag until 24 hours after delivery, and the catheter until the next morning. But, I was discharged to come home on Sunday and my babies came with me! I feel so blessed and lucky. They are absolutely beautiful and soooo sweet. I love watching my hubby with them, it makes me so teary. The first night was rough, but I know we will work through it.