Well, this is quite a shock that they are here already. Everything was though to be going great, but that just shows that things can change in a instant!

Jayden McKinley and Kristopher Edward were born on Friday, May 12, 2006 at 2:00 pm and 2:02 pm via c-section. They are both doing pretty good but they were born at 33 weeks 5 days which is 6.5 weeks early. Jayden weighed 4 lbs 8 oz at birth, and Kristopher weighed 5 lbs 1 oz.

So how did this happen?? Well, I had an ultrasound on Tuesday, May 9, that showed the boys were healthy and Baby A (Jayden) weighed just around 4 lbs 6 oz, and Baby B (Kristopher) weighed just about 5 lbs 3 oz.

Then I went to my regular doc appt. on Thursday. I was fine, but told the doc Yes I have contractions. This doc had not seen me in a while so she was not aware that I was getting them all the time. She had me monitored for an hour or so. I was given the clear to go home. They did not check my cervix for changes or anything. I felt pretty good and was looking forward to making it to Sunday which would be 34 weeks and a great milestone.

My mom who took me to the appt. wanted to eat so we went and did that, then did some shopping for my girls. I guess I walked around too much. I was sore and tired.

That night I got up at 3:30 for my usual potty run (one of many), and I had more mucus than usual, but not too much to make me worry, so I went back to bed. I got up again for work at 6:30 and when I went to potty, there was so much mucus that I did indeed worry. I told Eddie that I needed to call the doc.

He called back right away and told me to come in and get checked out. When I arrived, one of the OB’s checked me right away and said that I was 4 cm dialated!!! I was like “WHAT?!?!”. All the mucus was because I lost my mucus plug. So she wanted me to go to L&D and be monitored for a few hours to see if I was in active labor or not. We went right over. I was put in a triage room, but had to wait a bit for a nurse to come and see me. I got changed and hooked up and was having some contractions. A few more than my usual. I got up to potty.

When I came back, I laid down and the resident was there. She planned to check me. The OB had stopped by and we discussed doing steriod shots for the boys lungs, just in case they came. The break off is usually 34 weeks and they were still a couple days shy of that.

While the resident put her gloves on and talked to me about shots some more, one of my waters broke! First I was grossed out, and was going “oh no, oh no, yuck, oh no” then I just broke down in tears because I knew they were coming, and too soon.

They quickly brought in an ultrasound machine to check the position of the babies. Baby A had been breech, and Baby B head down. Well, at this check, they were both breech. So, c-section it is. My OB came back and told me that he had been discussing my case with another doc and they thought it best to not try to stop it at this point because my contractions were now 2 minutes apart.

Within 30-40 minutes, I was in the OR. I got my spinal, which took a couple of tries to get in the right spot. Once it was in, I didn’t feel a thing. The c-section was very smooth in my opinion. I never knew when they cut, and I didn’t even feel too much of that tugging that others complain about. The numbing feeling was really strange.

Jayden came out first and cried right away after they cleared his airway. Kristopher had some breathing trouble and was rushed off to the nicu with a quick glance. I didn’t get to meet him until over 12 hours later because I had to stay in bed.

Jayden stayed in the room with us for most of the time because he was perfect. We visited Kristopher a couple times a day in the NICU. He is doing very well now and will hopefully be home in a few days. The first day he was on a breathing tube, antibiotics, an iV, and had trouble with his sugar levels. It took the docs a few tries to get the sugar level right, but once they did, it stayed stable. All he has left to do is learn to eat, then he can come home! He is on a feeding tube, but needs to digest it a little better, get off the iV then start taking his feeding by bottle.

My recovery so far has been ok. I am a bit sore and getting around is a slow process. But I am feeling a little better each day. The first 2 days were rough! There was pain, but that I could take. I had a common reaction to the spinal anesthesia. I was vomiting quite a bit and could not hold down food so I was on a liquid diet. But the worst of it was itching all over my body!!! Hot itchy feeling. They were giving me benedryl but it barely worked. Thank God it went away. I thought I was going to go insane.

I’ll keep everyone updated on the boys. 🙂 I came home yesterday. Jayden should be coming home today. He just had to stay and get a repeat jaundice test. Kristopher will be there a few more days.

Whew, that’s a long story!

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