What are Twitter parties? Twitter parties are either scheduled times, or on the fly times to get together and “chat” with a bunch of Twitter users at once. Tweets are appended with a #hashtag. It is also a great way to make it easy for others to find relevant info later. For example, if you have something cool to say about your twins put #twins at the end and others who search for that will find your content.

Currently there is one going for #whoami. It’s awesome and it was started by @barefoot_exec. Just give a short bio of yourself and stick #whoami on the end. It’s a great way to meet new people! It got such an awesome response that it quickly became the #1 Trending item on Twitter. (See below on how to view others that have given a tidbit about themselves).

Some other “parties” that I have attended:

– #GNO (Girls’ night out) on Tuesday nights

– #Lost*

– #Fringe*

– #BSG*


– #FollowFriday (EDIT: How could I forget this one the first time??) great fun recommending Twitter users for other Twitter users to follow. Great way to meet some interesting people and pick up lots of followers.

*The TV show ones are ongoing when the shows are airing and right after. Good for discussion on theories, etc. And fun to sit and watch with other fans of the show.

I know there are TONS more. If you know of some that we should not miss, please leave a comment.

How do you participate? The easiest and most fun way to participate in live chats is to go to Tweetchat, log in with your Twitter username and password and enter the room name equal to the hashtag without the “#”. Or, go to Twitter Search and search for the full hashtag (i.e “#lost”) to slowly view all content at a nice pace. But you cannot participate from that page, only view. If you are a TweetDeck user, you can use it to search for the hashtag. But to respond you have to remember to append the #hashtag at the end yourself. Some also like to use TweetGrid too. Just try them all until you find what works best for you. And most importantly, have fun!