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The web is a buzz this morning with news that Apple has altered their iPhone replacement policy for phones with triggered moisture sensors. In my post below, I mention that when I went in, the rep at the Genius Bar told me that to get a new phone I would have to pay $399. I declined.

Well the new policy is that these users can now replace their phones at an Apple store for $199 and get either a new or refurbished unit without having to extend their contract with ATT. I think this is a great PR move on Apple’s part. This issue has been in the spotlight lately, and not just by me. $199 is certainly easier to swallow than $399. Actually someone in the comments on here stated that they wanted him to pay $599 to replace a 5-month old phone with a triggered sensor.

I got a call from my “new buddy” at Apple the other day letting me know that they have been really busy and are running behind but they have not forgotten about my case. My “case” being that they still want to rip apart my old phone and see what’s up with the sensors inside (my guess anyway). I think I may call him and see what he knows about this policy.