Technology is ever-changing. Every time we get something new and shiny, something else newer and shinier is just about the corner. Like the Best Buy commercial. It doesn’t exaggerate much. The below article tells us about some of the rumored gadgets set to be out later this year. Most of these we have heard about already. Even though the article specifically mentions gadgets for men, trust me… us tech girls have our eyes on a few things too. Which do you have your eye on?

The parade of high-tech gadgetry continues to awe in 2011. Scarcely have we absorbed the impact of last year’s toys yet here comes another dazzling batch promising more advanced features and not a few surprises. Broadband, especially mobile broadband, continues to be at the heart of the newest electronic gizmos. Here’s a list of the top draws for tech-savvy men this new year:

Apple iPhone 5: The iPhone’s fifth reincarnation boasts of a face recognition mechanism, scratch-proof OLED screen, advanced graphic chips, and all of 64 GB of memory. This iconic smart phone also packs impressive broadband connectivity so you could go online to talk, text, and watch on the move. Consider the perks: built-in GPS navigation, video chat access on 3G, and all the local channels to browse and watch with amazing resolution provided by Dual Core processors. Other features include customized SMS tones and alerts, synchronicity with iTunes, pico projector for wall or flat-surface presentations, and HD sound.

Play Station Phone: Sony’s PSP phone is a must buy especially if you’re into gaming. Code-named ‘Zeus,’ it has an Android 3.0 Gingerbread operating system, 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 processor, and Micro SD slot card with 8 GB memory. Completing the all-impressive cast are an Adreno 205 graphic processing unit, 512 MB RAM, 1GB ROM, and camera with LED flash. True to its PSP namesake, Sony’s Play Station Phone lets you download games and play them on a 3.8’ touch screen and pad patterned after the PSP gaming console.

Playbook by Blackberry: A mere 0.4’ thick and 450 grams, the new tablet from Blackberry incorporates an advanced operating system that supports POSIX and openGL. It is compatible with the latest web requirements like HTML5, Flash 10.1, and Adobe Air. Rounding up its features arsenal are a 1 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, 7’ display with 1024×600 resolution, and 3 MP camera with 5MP lens. Playbook also provides a video conferencing option at 1080p resolution through Wi-Fi mobile broadband. Other features include HDMI, Micro USB jack, and Blue Tooth application that enables you to extract data from your Blackberry phone.

3D Vaio Computer: Sony’s signature laptop features a wide 16’ display with crystal-clear 1080p 240fps 3D picture resolution. It uses the same groundbreaking technology used on Bravia high definition television. Equipped with Blu-ray drives, the latest Sony Vaio is perfect for playing Play Station 3 games and video in 3D. It also allows you to upgrade from 2D to 3D and vice versa with a touch of a button. The rest of the features are Black Frame insertion, IR blaster to be compatible with Bravia glasses, F Series chassis, and frame sequential technology for high definition display.

Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo’s latest portable game console allows you to experience 3D effects without the need of special goggles. This is made possible through a technology called autostereoscopy. The 3DS has two screens–the one on top produces a 3-dimensional effect sans glasses while the one at the bottom is a non-3D resistive touch panel. The gadget weighs 230 grams and measures 5.3’ (width) x 2.9’ (length) x 0.83’ (height). It has two outward-facing cameras that can take 3D photos and one facing theplayer capable of 2D photos and 2D video. The outward and inward cameras can simultaneously take photos which can then be integrated to create one picture. The system supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi access; so it’s definitely worth using or purchasing the best broadband deal on the market. The 3DS is also capable of fast uploads and downloads and incorporates advanced anti-piracy technology.