Some of you may know that I LOVE photography. I call myself an amateur pro. HA! What does that mean? That means that I LOVE to take photos, and I do make some money from it sometimes. But, I don’t have the time that I would live to dedicate to consider myself a full pro. If I had more time to roam the beautiful city of Chicago taking awesome pics of the scenery I would be quite happy.

But oh well, I can’t do that because there is usually too much other stuff going on. So, when Olympus asked me if I wanted to join the PEN Ready Project I almost jumped out of my seat!!! They were giving me a reason to take pictures for fun. I love it! And I love checking out the new Olympus PEN PM-1 camera.

This camera is super small, but has the power of a DSLR. The options are awesome too. I am still learning the robes, but so far so good!

The PEN Ready project kicked off on September 16, 2011 with Olympus hijacking a Jet Blue airliner and surprising every passenger on board with their very own PEN PM-1! The only thing that they asked for was for each person to upload their 20 favorite photos taken with the camera to the PEN Ready site.


The project promises to pass out over 1000 cameras. Photos are uploaded to the PEN Ready Project website. Each photographer has a unique photographer number. Here is a list of some of my tech and blogger buddies that were also chosen to participate in the project which i saw when browsing the list of photographers.:

Kris Cain, LittleTechGirl –  #818
Sarah Kimmel, Tech4Moms –  #836
Jessica Benton, ThatTechChick –  #791
Michele McGraw, ScrappinMichele –  #749
Stephanie Elie, BizzieMommy – #922
Leticia Barr, TechSavvyMama – #838
Amy Oztan, SelfishMom – #810
Andru Edwards, GearLive – #908

There may be more that I missed. If you are participating, please let me know!

You can check out our pics and the photos of the many other photographers involved in the project. There are some AWESOME pics there. I have not done a lot of shooting with mine yet, but there are a couple there to see. 🙂

Disclosure: Olympus provided myself and the other photographers mentioned here with an Olympus PEN PM-1 camera. No review or post was required. This is all me!