Customer support via social media is a big thing these days. There are several companies that have presences on Twitter, Facebook, and now even Google+. But, just because you have a presence on a social media site it does not mean that you should neglect your own business website.

If a customer visits your website it should be extremely easy for them to find out how to get help. I have visited company websites before and ended up very frustrated because I could not find a phone number to call to get help. Sometimes there is a contact form, or an email address, but that is not instant. My favorite form of support for simple tasks is online chat. This is a great option. Sometimes I may want to multitask and keep working while contacting customer support. Or I may not have time to sit and wait on hold for 15-30 minutes while I wait for a support rep to answer the phone. Having real people man online chat lines is brilliant in my opinion.

Being able to quickly answer your website visitors questions will only make you look good. LivePerson crm software is one option to consider. It can be customized to match the look of your site so it is seamlessly integrated. They also offer 24/7 tech support to keep your integration running smoothly.

I have a couple of sites in the works that might just benefit from LivePerson. I am definitely going to give it some serious thought. I have tried other things before, but it did not work for me.