Online reputation is not only important to individuals, but to businesses as well. One wrong move in social media and the internet will unleash a wrath against a brand in a moments notice. In order to fix such a #fail, your business might need a reputation service. The below post tells us a bit about how this works.


“Future proof” may be a bit of an exaggeration. Without a crystal ball knowing what to expect in the future is rather difficult. How about “tomorrow you will meet a beautiful stranger”, sounds nice. Well, you can increase your odds of that happening by going to a ritzy night club. In the same way you can improve the odds of your business search results ‘looking beautiful’ by using reputation services, or by doing the work yourself. It can be done with the right mix of time, technical knowledge, and time. Time is mentioned twice because things tend to take twice as much time (and three X the money) that you think they will when it’s not what you do for a living.

There might be a few questions in your mind. How do these businesses act on behalf of different enterprises? Is it confidential? Will Google get mad at me? If you have been the victim of an unfair attack online or elsewhere in the press, you might need both repairing and future proofing. And if Google is mad enough at you to place a bad review where someone can see it, do you care what they think after that?

This type of job is exactly what reputation services do for companies looking to manage their online standing. Instead of letting a negative review haunt you and hurt your business, you can confront it and have the course reversed. Companies that specialize in this operation know how to filter out the hurtful commentary so it doesn’t pop-up continually in online searches.

They also know how to future proof your profile online so you have your company’s best foot forward and it so doesn’t happen again. Even though the concept might be clear in your head, if your online presence does not reflect that vision, you are doing yourself an injustice.

Once they make a clear analysis of what an online presence reflects, you can decide how you would like it to improve. If you are skeptical of a company’s prowess in this regard, ask for a “before and after” example from someone they helped in the past. Do you see a marked improvement in the company’s profile? If so, it could be the right service to help you move forward in the business world.