The nice thing about technology is that if used correctly it can help us keep in touch, learn, and stay organized.  But how do you know which apps to use? How do you know if you are using your tablet to its full advantage? There are so many apps out there that it may be overwhelming to decide which ones to use.

I already gave you my initial thoughts on the Acer Iconia Tab 8. Now let’s talk about using it’s power for good!  I know if it were not for my gadgets beeping at me, I would often forget a lot of things. With it’s rocking fast Intel quad-core processor and 16gb of storage the Tab 8 has several features that make it a great travel companion to stay organized.

Here are 5 Ways to Use Your Tablet to Stay Organized

1. Install Task & Note Taking Software: Part of being organized is knowing exactly what you need to do. If your Acer Iconia Tab 8 is going to be your new purse (or briefcase) buddy you want it to work hard for you. Install a great note taking app like Evernote or OneNote. Install to keep track of your to do lists complete with reminders. And lastly, install an app like Remember the Milk to keep up with shopping lists.

2. Sync Your Calendar, Contacts, and Email: Whether you are using Outlook mail, Gmail, or Yahoo, you should be syncing your information to your device. This way your email is always within reach so that you can plow through some while waiting for your kids to get out of practice, and you won’t miss out on important information while on the go. And you will have your calendar at your fingertips so you always know where you need to be. You will have access to your contacts. Even though you won’t be making calls from your tablet, it’s great to have them at hand for sending emails.


3. Setup Home Screen Widgets: One of the greatest things about the Android OS is the ability to set up home screen widgets. The Iconia Tab 8 allows you to fill up 5 screens with widgets related to the apps that you use. This means you can have the weather, time, email, and even your calendar available at first glance on your device. Not all apps have widgets, but many do. Some of my favorites are Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, Accuweather,, and Evernote. But there are several more. Whenever you install a new app, check the widgets screen on your device to see if new widgets have been added.

You can also purchase the HD Widgets App. Now on sale for only 99 cent it adds a wide array of very colorful widgets for you to use on your home screen.

4. Setup Cloud Print Services: Technology is involving and is great. It wasn’t too long ago that we were not apple to print from our devices. There are several printers available now that allow you to print right from your tablet. In your Acer Iconia Tab 8 settings click on Settings–>Printing. Click on Add Service and you will be presented with several options for installing a printer on your device.

5. Install DocuSign: This app is my lifeline! If you often have to sign contracts like I do save your ink and paper and sign them using DocuSign. DocuSign allows you to use your PC, Mac, iOS device, or Android device to import PDFs, Word docs, or other docs from your email or Cloud services. You can then sign them electronically using a saved signature that you scan in or snap a photo of. Or, you can draw your signature right on the screen. It saves a ton of time!


Of course when you are not using the Iconia 8 for work you can play! Take advantage of that awesome 1920×1200 Full HD screen and watch a movie while waiting on the soccer game to start. Play Candy Crush Saga for a bit (yes, it’s an addiction), or save some of your favorite fashions on Pinterest.

Whatever you choose to do, the Intel quad-core processor can handle it! Check out some other Intel Tablets that can help you stay productive.


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