Christmas is only a few days away. Unlike previous years I find myself still picking up last minute gifts. This year has been crazy busy. It flew by and the time just really snuck up on me! At any rate if you are in the same boat there is still time to pick up a couple of gifts for those that you care about. I’m sharing a few lists with deals that I have found for products that I love. The first is for my hustler crew! If you are an entrepreneur or you know one, the below products make great gifts to make the job of working from home easier. And of course if you are like me, you may be looking to get yourself something to make working from my easier. This list is great for that as well. (Affiliate links included.)

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Great Gift Ideas for the Work From Home Hustler

Netgear Nighthawk Router kit: I mentioned this router when I reviewed the Netgear Arlo Home Security System. This means that I have been using this for almost 3 months. I have to repeat that I love it! It has not failed me yet. My WiFi has never been so fast and reliable. The nice thing about this kit available only at Best Buy is that it also includes a DST adapter (Dead Spot Terminator aka WiFi Extender) to help you stretch that awesome signal to every corner of your home. Priced at $249.99 for the kit, it is worth every penny for the WFH person that needs their network to be behind them every moment of the day.

Fellowes 79Ci Shredder: I’ve been using this awesome shredder for about a month, and I LOVE it!! You wouldn’t think that I would get so excited about a shredder, but I am. As most people do I have set goals for the New Year and one of them is to get more organized. Since I work from home that means my home office needs to be overhauled again. Part of that problem is papers!! THEY.MUST.GO! My old, cheap shredder died a jam death. I have not had that problem with my new Fellowes 79Ci. It is 100% jam proof. You can feed up to 16 pages at one time. It also includes a credit card shredder. I have already eliminated about 4 garbage bags worth of paper from my life and it feels GREAT! I have a full review coming soon. At only $164.98 on it is a steal! Order now with Prime shipping and delivery is guaranteed by Christmas.

Read my full review of the Fellowes 79Ci Shredder.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Well there is no surprise that this is on my list is there? As explained in my recent post, you know that I have been a Galaxy girl for a long time! The Note 5 is one of the latest in a long line of great phones from Samsung. With a 16MP rear camera, S Pen, and absolutely outstanding screen it is a great tool for any business owner who needs to be productive while on the go. Best Buy has an unreal deal right now. Buy a new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with a 2-year contract and get a FREE  Samsung 32″ Class LED HDTV. Say what?!?!? The Galaxy Note 5 is currently priced at $249.99.

HUB IT Fast Charger: Let’s face it… we all have multiple devices, and we need to charge them. The HUB It Fast Charger allows you to charge and sync multiple devices at one time without having cords all over your desk. With interchangeable connectors you can add-on what you need to charge whatever devices you might have. And if you hook it up to your computer you can sync those devices while charging. The HUB It is available for $65.71 from and with Prime shipping it will arrive before Christmas.

Leitz Icon Wireless Label Printer: As mentioned above, organization is at the top of my priority list going into 2016. And part of organizing is knowing where everything is. File cabinets, folders, and storage boxes are all much more useful if you know exactly what’s in them. And sure, you can just use a marker and write on a piece of tape to label items, but why? The Leitz Label Printer allows you to print labels, tags, or inserts that are nice and neat. You can print a variety of sizes, different fonts, and even on a colored roll. And since it’s wireless you can sit it anywhere that is convenient and print from multiple home computers. It’s on sale right now at Staples for only $79.99.

Epson XP-420 WiFi Printer: Everyone who works from home has to print at one time or another. And not everyone needs a huge professional photo quality printer every day. If you need a reliable printer with a small footprint, the Epson XP-420 is a great choice. With a built-in scanner you can get a lot done. It also serves as a copier. And it prints great photos. And at only $44.98 right now from Amazon it’s a great choice as a main printer, or an additional printer to add to your household.

Keurig K450 Brewing System: Working from home usually means working more than if you held an office job. And this also means that you probably down a fair amount of coffee to wake up, or pull an all-nighter. It’s not always feasible to make a whole pot of coffee. And if you share your home with others you may have different taste in coffee. The ever-popular Keurig K-Cup Brewing System is the perfect unit for a home worker because you can get coffee only when you need it! If you need one cup of strong Extra Bold to get your day started you can have it. If you need a light pick me up in the afternoon, have a cup of French Vanilla. And if you have guests, you are able to offer them exactly what they want without wasting a whole pot. The Keurig K450 is available for $139.99 from and if you use Prime shipping it will arrive before Christmas!

WD My Cloud Mirror: I just posted a review of the WD My Cloud NAS Drive not too long ago. It is on this list because backing up your data is important. And if you are like me and work from more than one computer, being able to access your files from anywhere is a must. Unlike a outside Cloud based service, the WD My Cloud provides several functions. It can backup your PC or Mac computer, provide external storage for a computer that may be running out of space, and it provides your very own Cloud service. There are several versions available. I am recommending the 6TB My Cloud Mirror Drive. It’s currently available on for $299.99 and worth it! This drive provides 3TB of true storage, with the other 3 being pre-configured to mirror your data so even if one drive dies, the other still has a backup.

Amped Wireless REA20 Range Extender: Depending on the setup of your home you may need a range extender. I mentioned another one above, but I’m adding this one to the list too. Why? Because it’s pretty awesome! Not only does the Amped Wireless REA20 boost your WiFi signal to the far reaches of your home, but this one also includes 5 local Ethernet ports which allow you to attach Ethernet based devices like the WD My Cloud Mirror mentioned above. I’m using mine to provide power my 3 WD My Cloud drives which sit on a stand in my office away from Ethernet ports. This is awesome! Available now for only $117.97 from this is the perfect addition to any home office or home where you don’t want to stuff all of your networked devices on the same shelf.

I’m sure if I looked around I could find 20 more awesome things to add to this list, but this is a great start! If you have any questions about other gifts that are great for the entrepreuner in your life just let me know. And of course you can just buy all of this and wish yourself a very Merry Christmas! 🙂

Happy shopping!


Disclosure: I received some of the products mentioned her for review. Affiliate links included. All opinions are my own.