We know that there are a wide variety of gadgets that can help us do all kinds of stuff. Some are just for fun, others are for work, and some teach us things. But, are there gadgets out there that actually can help you get better at stuff? The answer is yes, and you might not have even realized that they existed. Read on to get the lowdown on devices that can help your improve your performance in all sort of areas.



Here are some gift ideas that may actually help the recipient do something a bit better.


So you might not consider sleep something that you need a gadget for. But there are actually quite a few gadgets that can monitor whether or not you are getting enough sleep. Some smart watches have sleep monitors included. They keep an eye on how you are sleeping and where you are in your sleep cycle. This means you can set a window of when you would like to be woken up and they will vibrate on your wrist when you get to a certain sleep level within that time. They also allow you to track your sleep patterns to see if you need to improve the time that you go to bed to get enough shut eye.

Have trouble getting up in the morning? There are dawn alarm clocks, which get brighter in the morning when it’s time to wake. Making getting up a lot easier. Of course, they darken in the evening as you get into bed too, which is a great way of signaling to your body that it is time to sleep. Or, how about a gadget that shakes your mattress when it’s time to get up?



Sports & Fitness

There are plenty of awesome gadgets out there that can help you up your game in the sports arena. Most smartwatches can monitor the time and intensity of the exercise that you do. As well as keeping track of your heart rate. Or, you can get a similar effect with an app for a mobile device.

Then there are waterproof cases for your smartphone or MP3 player, or even waterproof gadgets that allow you to swim along to your favorite tunes. Of course for the specialist amongst you, there are also items like table tennis robots which allow you to practice your game even if there is no one else around to play you.



Drawing is one of those things that you can either do or not. Right? Wrong! You can learn to draw with some techy help. Why not try a projector light? These allow you to trace an image onto the paper or canvas that you are using without the need for a light box or tracing paper. Then when you get a bit better, you can try your hand at one of the many drawing tablets on the market. They allow you to switch from pencil drawing to full oil paints with a click of a button.

Or, go for the gusto and invest in a convertible like the new Lenovo Yoga Book. This is definitely on my must have list. One of my daughters absolutely loves to draw and I know that she would love it.


There are plenty of gadgets that can improve your musical performance. Try a guitar pedal with allows you to store and use lots of different types of effect over the top of your music. Compact pianos like the Casio CGP-700 not only allow you to play, but can also teach you a thing or two using built-in beats, lessons, and more.


If you use a Mac, a program like GarageBand allows you to record and edit your sound. In fact with the help of technology, you can pretty much make it seem like you have a whole orchestra behind you, even it if it just you playing solo!


These are just a few ideas of gifts that may help the recipient. Happy shopping!