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How do you help your child get ready for a new year at school? For many families, back to school means getting back into routines that were abandoned during the summer, going through closets to see what clothes fit and what needs to be replaced, and stocking up on supplies. It’s important to prepare kids for a successful school year and here are 3 more ways parents can help kids have a successful school year at any age and grade level.


3 Ways Parents Can Help Kids Have a Successful School Year


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Let your kids choose their supplies

The very simple act of letting kids choose their own school supplies is everything. In a world of school supplies that all look the same, patterned pencils, notebooks with cats, or a certain kind of binder in a favorite color let students express their individuality beyond the basics on the school supply list. School supplies can be a huge motivator to kids and they’re also more likely to take care of the items they choose.

This year you could go to the same store to shop where all the other families at your school go for back to school needs or you could shop online at School Specialty’s website will save you from endlessly searching the aisles for items on the school supply list thanks to a great selection of items your elementary, middle, or high schooler will love.



Here are some school supplies that might not be on your radar this year but your kids will love:

  • Case It Might Zip Tab Zipper Binder ($22.01)— The 3” Case It that zips around is their binder of choice because it has ample room for papers, inside pockets for organizing papers, and a mesh pocket for carrying pencils, pens, erasers, and other supplies needed throughout the day. Show them this option and let them choose their favorite color!
  • Bic 4 Color Pens (3 pack for $8.94)— Since older kids need pens in black, blue and red, streamline what they carry with Bic’s 4 color pens that include the aforementioned plus green! One pen lets them write in a variety of colors so they can always express their personality!
  • Califone Active Noise Cancelling Headphones ($97.49)— A well-known brand in the education space, Califone’s Active Noise Cancelling Headphones are perfect for home because they allow kids to work digitally while blocking out external noise that could be a distraction thanks to noise cancelling features. The technology in Califone’s headphones increases the perception of loudness without increasing the volume that helps protect young ears.


Want to make back to school supply shopping even easier on yourself? Turn older kids loose on to search for items on this year’s school supply list, have them add items to the cart, and review their selection before you buy for super easy back to school supply shopping!


Set Your Home Up for Success

While you’re ordering school supplies from for your kids, assess your space and what you need to get organized for the school year. Since kids learn from our behaviors and we want them to learn organizational skills that are needed for life, take time to determine how you can add more organization and preparation to your daily routine.



Here’s what you need to get your kids organized for success:

  • Calendar— Digital calendars are great as long as they’re shared with your kids on their digital devices so they can also start to learn the lifelong skill of organization. Older kids with their own devices can be added to a digital shared family calendar but it’s important for younger kids to know what events are coming up through a paper calendar. I like the School Smart 14 Month Desk Pad Calendar ($8.92) because it’s wall size format is easy to read, has ample space for kids to add their own events, and it starts and ends with the school year.
  • Place to store homework supplies— Keep homework supplies like pencils, colored pens, glue sticks, and scissors handy yet contained in the X-Cube Storage Organizer ($10.49). The 6×6 size provides plenty of room for a variety of supplies in one place.
  • Ways to communicate— Teach children the art of communication at a young age while letting them practice their handwriting by providing a place for them to leave notes. The Colored Surface Dry Erase Board ($16.10) is more eye catching than your regular white boards and it becomes even more fun to leave notes when you have Dry Erase Chalk Markers in neon colors ($11.17) to write with. Also be sure to get some colorful Post-it Notes in a variety of sizes and colors to write notes to your child’s teacher.

View your child’s teacher as a partner in education

Your family’s best asset in the classroom is their teacher. These passionate individuals work their hardest to teach a classroom full of children academic skills they need now plus the lifelong skills they need to be successful in life and are your partner in your child’s education. As you send your elementary aged child to school with items from their list of school supplies, consider showing a little love to their new teacher with these helpful tools they are sure to enjoy now and be sure to help replenish classroom supplies throughout the school year.



  • Post-it Note Dispenser and Photo Holder ($24.91)— For under $25 a pop-up Post-it holder that features a photo frame is the perfect addition to any teacher’s desk. Not only will your teacher love being able to personalize their space with photos of loved ones, kids will love seeing a family photo or a favorite pet! Don’t forget to buy some pop up Post-it packs as refills!
  • Expo Dry Erase Markers in Bright Colors ($7.57)— Regularly used Expo Markers never last long and I love this set because they’re a departure from the normal primary colored ones that are usually seen in classrooms and each marker features an eraser and magnetic tip so the top doesn’t get lost.
  • Astrobrights Paper ($21.44)— Never underestimate how happy a package of colored paper makes a teacher! A ream of colored paper is a huge personal expense for teachers who want to catch your attention with a flier being sent home or for special classroom projects. This year give the gift of paper at some point during the year and you’ll be seen as a hero!


Instead of sending in gifts of school supplies, parents of middle and high schoolers can let their teen’s teacher that they view them as a partner in education through handwritten notes or emails throughout the year. This small act goes a long way in establishing a positive relationship with your child’s many teachers because in the event an issue arises, they’re more inclined to help resolve the situation quickly. Middle school and high school teachers especially appreciate notes of thanks at the holidays and at the end of the year and it’s always nice to attach a candy bar or Starbucks gift card as a token of appreciation.

With such a wide variety of products available for your child to use throughout the school year, help you organize your home, and restock your child’s classroom, makes it easy to have a successful school year thanks to easy to use website that puts competitively priced products you need and want at your fingertips for home delivery.


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