UPDATE: THERE IS AN UPDATE AND SUMMARY TO THIS POST POSTED ON EXAMINER.COM. Please check there for all the follow-ups in one place.

Where do I start? First I want to thank Lisa France of CNN.com for being an advocate on this. Just to be clear, the reporter from CNN contacted me after seeing my blog, I did not contact her. She was already doing a story on this and was researching on the web. Someone apparently thinks that something could possibly be wrong here to think it worthy of a story.

Now, to all the people that have commented here and on CNN.com i have a few things to say.

1. Didn’t your mother ever teach you to be nice? If you cannot post comments in a dignified manner then why bother? You are only making yourself look bad for not being able to express yourself without acting like a 12 year old. Oh that’s right… it’s the web so we can’t see you. And some even use bogus email addresses. I’ve been called a moron, a bozo, and an idiot so far. Nice!

1a. To those that posted comments here and on CNN.com in a NICE manner, even if you did not agree, thank you!

2. I think that some did not even bother to read the full article and blog post before firing one off to me. I have had several emails and comments regarding the “earphone jack” sensor being tripped and commenting on my causing this myself by putting alcohol on it. The earphone jack sensor is NOT tripped, it never was. It is still white meaning “no water damage”. It is the sensor under the USB port that is red which I have never touched with alcohol or anything else and it has never been wet.

3. Some (including Apple) are saying that the sensor cannot be set off by ‘just a drop’ of water or condensation, that it has been to be submersion. That is BS because my phone has never been submerged as I stated clearly in my post. And also as evidenced by the several other people complaining about this very issue all over the web. Some have clearly stated that their sensors have been tripped just because they live in a humid climate. One person commented that she dunked her phone in liquid and got it out within 5 seconds and the sensor did not change. You got lucky.

4. To those stating that I am trying to “get over” on Apple. Why?? What would my point be? I also clearly stated in my article that my iPhone was paid for by my company, not my own $$. People at work accidentally break phones all the time and get them replaced because things happen. So, what would be my point in getting over? I would have gotten my phone replaced through work anyway, again… not with my own $$. As I said in my post I was willing to just deal with the issue in hopes that the new models coming out this summer or whenever would catch my eye and I would get one. I was encouraged by people higher up than me to pursue getting the phone replaced.

5. The whole point of this ‘investigation’ and me pursuing Apple to get a resolution was that maybe, just maybe the sensors on some of these iPhones are defective. It could happen. No technology is fool-proof.

And to elaborate on #5… Apple now thinks this is possible too. I got my iPhone replaced last night at the Apple Store near me after a corporate rep made a call. My old phone is going to corporate to be examined, picked apart, etc. and they promise to call me and let me know what they find.

Do I think that I won? No, I don’t. My point was not to set out to get a new phone. My point was to set out to show that there could be a problem here with either defective sensors or the fact that they are just in a bad place. I will feel that I won if the Apple rep calls me back in a week or so and says that they did indeed find a defect.