I love shopping. I would not say that I am addicted, but close. Almost every time I have a trip, or a big event I feel that I need to buy something new for it. Don’t we all do that?? No? Oh. Well what can I say. I like pretty new things. And it is just about time for a major wardrobe flip. I still have not moved the summer clothes out of my closet and replaced them with winter clothes. The weather here has been so nuts. It has been 65 one day and 36 the next. That is crazy Chicago for you. As I do my wardrobe flipping I always look for items that I need to donate, those that have become too worn, and items that need to be replaced. So, more shopping is needed!

Anyway, when shopping I usually look online first. Very.comVery.com, part of the Shop Direct Group has been the UK’s leading shop at home retailer for quite a while. They recently opened up their store for US shoppers. Browsers can find items like women’s dresses, boots, shoes, coats, skirts, and much more. There is also clothing for men including footwear, jackets, shirts, and even sports attire.

I especially love the dresses that I found on this site. I never have enough dresses. I am not a big dress person. This is especially when it is cold. So, I need to build up my dress bank!

I have never quite understood why all of the formal dresses that are in stores, even in the middle of winter are thin, sleeveless, and just not warm! They want us to be cute and freezing for Christmas and New Years I guess.

That is why I like the pictured dress. It is black and elegant, but at least includes some sheer cover on top. And the flowing arms give it some flair.

Also, it’s very long, so less chance of your legs freezing. 🙂

Besides that awesome dress there are a few others that I could totally see myself wearing for various events. And there are other great outfit items like casual and dressy slacks, blouses, and much more more. All the things a girl needs. LOL!


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Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Very.com, but all opinions are my own.