Do you remember when you had your first child (or 2) and you were very good about keeping track of milestones, etc. in the nice little book that you got at your baby shower? Well as time went on you probably made less and less entries. And poor child #3 did not have a book at all, right? LOL! Well, a lot of the problem with that is taking the time to write everything in. But, with the way we live now (online) it is much easier to preserve these types of memories.

LiveOn allows you to create memories or timelines of important events in your and your children’s lives accompanied by photos, notes, videos, and text slides. The memory is then turned into a video that you can share with family and friends and it is added to your timeline. This is awesome to me. I usually always create some type of photo gift for the grandparents using photos of my kids for Christmas. With LiveOn I can add memories to my timeline throughout the year, and then share the movie at Christmas time. Or, of course I could go back now and create memories for important things that have happened throughout the year to share.

A very cool feature of LiveOn is the ability to create a Time Capsule. This allows you to do exactly what I described above automatically! You set a date for a special event, like Christmas. And you slowly build up the memories and add photos, etc. You set who you want it to be delivered to, as when the date arrives LiveOn does the rest and delivers the Time Capsule.

I see great potential. There are many people that would love to be able to create slideshows, but don’t have the tech skills to use complicated software. So, LiveOn is perfect for them. Here is a very short memory that I created with pics of my kids. This is not a traditional memory because I mixed it up just for this experiment. Click the photo to view.


The LiveOn service and site are brand new so they are still working out some little quirks. Nothing too bad though. After uploading photos I thought that it did not work, but after a refresh of my browser page I did get the photos in my upload pane. I did find that it works much better in IE than in FireFox. Also, the Share button did not show for me in FireFox. I had to switch over to IE to see it.

There is a free version of LiveOn that you can sign up for right now. Of you can upgrade to one of the premium packages. And, check out LiveOn Rewind, the service that helps you get your photos online and in gifts. You can get 20% off with the coupon code cgc50.

Disclosure: Thank you to LiveOnfor sponsoring this blog post. Please click here to learn more about storing and sharing your most special memories. I was selected for this sponsorship by Clever Girls Collective. All opinions expressed here are my own.