I love having a wireless printer in my home. It makes it easy to print from the couch, kitchen table, or wherever I happen to settle to work for the day. I don’t have to worry about going up to my office and hoping on my desktop to print. Also, family members can print from multiple computers.

It used to be that this luxury was reserved for offices. Network printers were a few hundred dollars each. But now home and small business users can afford to have wireless printing without breaking the bank. HP has many wireless printers to choose from. Quite a while ago I introduced you to one, the HP Premium Photosmart Touchsmart, which is an awesome printer. Today we are going to talk about the HP DeskJet 3052A with ePrint.

What is ePrint? HP ePrint is a mobile printing feature that allows you to print photos or documents right to an HP ePrint-enabled printer, using an iPhone, Android phone, iPad, tablet, or more.

The HP DeskJet 3052a is only one in a line of many, many ePrint enabled printers. In addition to being an awesome wireless printer with ePrint, it is also a scanner, and a copier.

I downloaded the newest version of the HP drivers and software for the printer and installed it on my desktop. During installation it also asked if I wanted to setup the ability to scan over the network. I have used this before on my other printer and it saves a lot of time.

Unlike some other all-in-one printers this one does not take up much space. It has a small footprint so that it can easily fit where it needs to. Also, I like the fact that this one has the paper feed in the back. Some other models have the paper input and output in the front which has always been awkward for me.  One thing missing from this model is an SD card slot which is available on some other models.

Once the printer software was installed I was able to configure it to use ePrint. And then using my iPad, I was able to print a photo direct from my Gallery. Now of course I was doing this from home, but this can be done from anywhere that you have a network connection. I also tested it from my Android phone printing a document and it worked out fine.

While the HP Deskjet 3052A is not one of the higher end wireless printers, it is a fine choice for any home office. It is available from Walmart and Walmart.com for only $69 it makes a great addition to any home office. And being able to easily print from a tablet computer or phone is a huge plus.

Check out my video below of the printer in action:


Disclosure: This printer was provided to me in exchange for this review by MomSelect and HP.