Wow, the past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. I mentioned before that I was preparing to host a Twitter party for Plantronics to discuss their new Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset. I have been using the Voyager Legend for a while now and it is by far the best Bluetooth headset I have ever used. They state that is the world’s smartest headset and I agree! I have already given you a bit of info about the earpiece in the last post, so I will not rehash all of that. However, I will add that it still continues to work very well and I still love it.

I originally set it up with my Samsung Galaxy S2, plus another Android phone that I keep around for testing. Both worked flawlessly. I have been in my car, in my office, in the store, and even outside and I have gotten no complaints about the other party having trouble hearing me.

The Voyager Legend is very comfortable to wear, so it is convenient to keep on while working so that you are ready to take calls as they come in. But as I discuss in the below video, it has some other awesome features that make it convenient even when you are not wearing it all day!



Here are the full specs:

Hands-free Options
Bluetooth Headset Yes
Multi-Point Pair two phones and answer calls from either one.
Wearing Style
Over-The-Ear Yes
Monaural Yes
Wireless Technology
Bluetooth Yes
Battery Power Up to 7 hours/11 days
Charger Type Micro USB
Weight 18 grams
Noise-cancellation Triple-mic active Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Wind Noise Reduction Stainless steel windscreens
Connects To
Mobile Phone Yes
Tablet Yes


Here is a brief video that I made explaining a bit about the earpiece and how to use it and what I love about it.


As for the Twitter party, it exceeded my expectations. Turnout was great. We had great conversations and everyone was very enthusiastic about sharing their quirks, advice, and experiences using their cellphones with and without Bluetooth earpieces. We talked about safety, convenience, and even law in terms of whether or not drivers in certain states are required to wear an earpiece when driving.  The party started with myself and attendees expecting one lucky participant to be awarded a Voyager Legend at the end of the party. But guess what?? Plantronics was so happy with the party, that I was able to announce this:

That’s right! Everyone who hung on and actively tweeted until the end of the Twitter party was awarded a shiny new Plantronics Voyager Legend. How cool is that??

As you can imagine it was very enjoyable. 🙂

Thanks so much to all who came out and tweeted and to my panelists, @BrothaTech and @JamesHicks.


Disclosure: This post, video, and Twitter party are brought to you by Plantronics. All opinions are my own.