When I talk to friends most of us are glad to see 2015 go. It was a strange year for me. Very bittersweet. There were some happy things, but mostly I feel like this year was a miss. The reasons are many, but I am trying not to dwell on it. I am determined to focus on the good and take that momentum with me into 2016.

Depending on how 2015 was for you, you may feel the same. I got married this past June. Of course that makes 2015 fantastic! I’m very happy to embark on that new part of my life. Woo hoo!!


However, I’m also eager to let some other parts of 2015 go. This was the year of stress with a capital S. Generally I deal with stress well in terms of not showing it. But every now and then it gets to me. And it’s at those points that I just want to crawl into bed and zone out while binge watching something on Netflix. And of course a good cry always helps!


I can honestly say that I am very glad to see 2015 in my rearview mirror. The year was hectic, unorganized, and just plain crazy! And the year ended with a bang, and not in a good way. Ugh. I did not meet a lot of the goals that I had hoped to meet. The phrase “I had all of these dreams and aspirations…” was used way too much! I procrastinated. I dropped the ball one too many times. And there were some things out of my control that did not go my way. I know that I could do better.

2016 is all about follow through. Following through with plans. Following through with meeting goals. Following through with pushing myself. There is a lot that I want to accomplish. I know that I have the skills and the brainpower. I just need to act on it!

The first month or so of this year will be spent rebranding myself, writing out the plans that are in my head, and putting them in motion. I have a bad habit of putting myself last. I am always working on other’s websites, other’s photos, and sponsored posts for others. So this means that all of the plans that I have to better myself get put on hold. No more!

Right now I’m packing to head off to CES once again. I have attended every year for the past few years with the exception of last year when we opted for a vacation cruise instead. Ahh!!! I am excited about it, yet stressed. However, I will make it through. I’m using this as m 2016 launch pad to a great year. 🙂

What is one goal that you are hoping to accomplish this year?